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Noodle Seeking @ Mall of Travancore

Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing about the availability of some good noodle options in the cafeteria of the Mall of Travancore in Trivandrum… So, over the past few days, I got the chance to check them out and this post is about the same… 🙂


Basically there are two counters in the Cafeteria at MOT where you get the noodles options (not sure about the restaurant there as I haven’t visited it yet), namely the Noodle King and the Fujiyan Express… Both of them feature a variety of Asian dishes and I tried a couple of noodle options across both…

So, here we go… First of, lets talk about what I tried from the Noodle King… So, on first day, I tried their Chilly Garlic Mixed Noodles along with a portion of their Sweet n Sour Chicken… This is whats shown in the pics below…


There are other variations of noodles but I chose the Chilly Garlic as I like them usually… The server there informed me that Mixed in Mixed noodles means that the noodle dish will contain, noodles, chicken, prawns, egg and vegetables… When I asked for a mildly spiced curry option, I was suggested to try their Sweet n Sour Chicken, which as explained by the server there is a tomato and sweet garlic based gravy which is good if you like sweet curries… I certainly do and hence went for it…

To be frank, I just loved that plate of noodles they served me… The flavour of the Chilly Oil and Hot Garlic was so well balanced that at each bit I could feel both the flavours in a pleasant way… The noodles itself was so tenderly cooked that they literally did melt in my mouth which is what we see in case of fresh noodles… Other than the Eggs, Chicken and Prawns, I saw scallions, carrots, onions along with green chillies, garlic and some ginger in it… Chicken was cooked well and Eggs were fluffy as ever… Altogether a fine noodle dish that I really loved as I said before…

Now coming to the Sweet n Sour Chicken, the taste was indeed exactly as the server mentioned, ie, mostly sweet with a hint of sourness to it, with an intense flavour of Tomatoes along with Garlic… The Chicken was cooked perfectly… Definitely one of the best cooked pieces of Chicken I have ever had, which was melting in my mouth without needing any effort to chew… Other than chicken there was red bell peppers and pieces of tomatoes and the dish was garnished with some cilantro and coriander leaves on top… I could also spot some sesame seeds in it too… This curry I would be very happy to have as it is, as a soup…

On the next visit, I decided to try the Fujian Express counter and one item caught my eye and thats their Noodle Soup… Its been a while since I had a soup having noodles in it and so decided to give it a try and turns out I was in for a shocker… It came as shown in the pic below… I didn’t order anything else cause this bowl was huge… To give you an idea, the spoon shown next to it is the regular soup spoon that we usually see in many of the restaurants (the good ones where they don’t give you that plastic spoon 😉 )…


This was indeed a surprise cause I have been waiting to see such big noodle bowls here in Trivandrum and here we finally have one option… So, those who have been waiting like me after seeing say, videos of Anthony Bourdein, Mark Weins, Mikey Chen or Fung Bros, where they are featured quite often, here in Trivandrum we have something thats quite close in my opinion…

The noodle soup comes in two variants, namely the Veg and Non-Veg… When asked, the server there informed me that the Non-Veg variant comes with Chicken… So, naturally, I went for the same and it got served as shown in the pic above…

As shown in the video above, this is indeed a massive soup consisting of Noodles, which again seems fresh, along with Chicken, Mushrooms, Green Beans, Tomato, Carrots, Ginger, Garlic, Coriander Leaves all sitting in a hot broth which is again not too spicy but main flavour you get is of Tomatoes and Chicken stock… Also one thing I am very happy about is that this soup has absolutely zero corn starch or any other thickeners, which makes this very healthy to have from my understanding, which is good news for me too considering my health… Altogether, I am hoping to have this again very soon, ie, in my next visit to the mall itself… 🙂

Overall, I think the rumours of good noodles over at MOT are indeed true or at-least, I was lucky to end up getting the good ones so far, which I really hope is not true 😀 Anyways, only time can tell… In the mean time, those who can go over to MOT, feel free to try these and let me know… Have a nice day… 🙂

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