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Kaffeehaus: Joghurtgetränk And Seafood Risotto

It has been a long time since I visited Kaffeehaus and it has been due to a change in the nature of my job which reduced my travels to the city especially in the areas nearby to the place… This time I ended up happening to be nearby for a system upgrade for my studio and once I was done with the same, I saw an status post informing me about starting of a new item in the menu namely Risotto… So, I thought what better opportunity to try than then?? 🙂 So, I headed over there and because of the timing, this turned out to be the first time I was there in the late evening, just in time for an early dinner…


As I mentioned above, I was there to try the risotto and in the menu, there were a few options and among them, being fond of seafood in general, the Seafood Risotto caught my attention and I decided to try the same… I also needed a drink first and so among those options, I chose the new item in the menu called Joghurtgetränk… Both of them were served as shown in the pics below… 🙂

As per the menu, the Joghurtgetränk was mentioned as the Yogurt drink and as you can see from the pic below, it did look like a Lassi… It is my understanding that pretty much all cultures have had some form of drink using Yogurt and so, I guess this was the Swiss interpretation of the same…


And it did taste like a Lassi too though not as sour and thick as one… Sweetness level was on the lesser side too and so what hits your tastebuds is essentially the flavour of yogurt itself kind of accentuated by the subtle sweetness a bit…

Next up is the dish I came here for which was the Seafood Risotto… For those who may be unaware, Risotto is an Italian rice dish where rice is cooked slowly in a broth until it reaches a creamy consistency and then finished with Butter, Wine and/or Cheese… The broth is usually based on the ingredients used, which in this case, I imagine to be the seafood broth… This is typically considered a starter rather than a main course but to us Indian, rice usually a main course item and hence this I believe was designed to be a main course item based on the quantity served which I felt was enough to be so…

Seafood Risotto

Now, coming to the taste, well first of all, the rice was obviously not any of the varieties of rice used by Italians as we are in India and there are limitations on their availability here… Kaffeehaus have always admitted to be trying their best to make the food people eat in Switzerland using ingredients locally available here… I felt they got the texture and consistency right though as it was indeed creamy and rich as expected with the fragrance of Butter and teh taste of cheese throughout… I also found it to be quite loaded with seafood proteins consisting of Fish, Prawns and Squid, so much so that every morsel you have will have at-least a piece of either of them… Everything felt to be seasoned well and the seafood felt to be have been cooked just right… Overall, I felt this risotto to be quite yummy and I loved it… Feel free to try when you go there next time… I for one definitely will… 🙂

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