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Supreme All Spice – Kebab Thali, Mango Lassi

Its after quite a while that I go back to the Supreme All Spice restaurant at Kuravankonam, Trivandrum… This time I was there for trying what they call as the Kebab Thali about which I read some reviews recently… So, got the opportunity to do the same this time and as a bonus, got to try their summer-time special which is the Mango Lassi…

So, first, lets talk about the Kebab Thali… According to the menu, its a platter consisting of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Aloo, Laccha Paratta, Dal Makhni, Mint Chutney and Salad… It came on a plate as can be seen in the pics below… It consisted of couple of pieces of each except the Tandoori Chicken of which they gave me a drumstick piece… There was a cup each of the Dal Makhni and Mint Chutney as can be seen in the pics below…

I have always enjoyed the Hindustani platters at All Spice, and this too ended up being the same… The Paratta was incredibly soft with the presence of Butter and the salad serves on its side consisted of some freshly cut onions and carrots topped with some sliced Coriander leaves… The Dal Makhni felt quite authentic and the Mint chutney as well… Now coming to the meats, I liked both the Tandoori Chicken and the Chicken Tikka and what I noted is that both of them have been marinated with the exact same spices which is the Tikka Masala (tasted like the Classic Tikka Masala mix… Nothing special) in a yogurt base… The Tandoori Chicken unfortunately felt a bit overdone and borderline dry whereas the Chicken Tikka pieces were cooked perfectly…  They were all topped with some of the Tikka Masala gravy and coriander leaves…

Other than the meats, there were two vegetarian items namely the Paneer Tikka and the Tandoori Aloo… Once again, the Paneer Tikka appeared to have been made the same way with the very same spices mix as the meats… However, whats made it different is that it got served with some Tandoori vegetables as well, namely slices of Onion, Tomato and Bell Pepper… Unfortunately I didn’t like the Paneer Tikka because the Paneer pieces were a bit tough to chew and since they made the size of the pieces big, you end up tasting more of the raw paneer as you chew in… It is a known fact that its not easy to get flavours penetrate the Paneer throughout… Coming to the Tandoori Aloo, I must say that it turned out to be my favourite item on the platter… Great taste of the Potatoes in there along with a sweet and savoury herbs and nuts topping thats seasoned absolutely perfectly… By herbs, I could sense cardamom, saffron, maze and along with that some Tutti Frutti and the nuts which include almonds, pistachios and cashews and it was grilled just right to have a crispy outer layer and incredibly soft inter layers… I am definitely looking forward to having this again…

Overall, I did enjoy the platter as everything was made to be at medium spice level, which is what I personally prefer to have… Everything worked incredibly well with the Mint Chutney… However, what I fail to understand is the relevance of the Dal Makhni in the platter as I felt that it was standing as the odd one out… So, inspite of the issues, I will be looking forward to trying the Kebab Thali once again…

It was while ordering that the waiter informed me of the availability of the Mango Lassi as their Summer season special… For those who don’t know, a Lassi is a sweetened yogurt and cream based drink that is a quintessential part of the Punjabi cuisine that its pretty much a synonym… It came as shown in the pics below…

Long story short, this is definitely one of the best Lassis that I have ever had… The Lassi was incredibly thick and creamy and felt very rich with the intense flavour of the mangoes (which felt like Alphonso to me) and yogurt and cream… The lassi was further topped with pieces of the Mango and some roasted Pistachios which were a delight to have along with the Lassi and overall, this is an incredibly refreshing drink/smoothie  to have considering how hot the weather is these days…

So, thats pretty much it about the Kebab Thali and Mango Lassi from Supreme All Spice and I bit adieu for now hoping to try still further options in the menu… 🙂


  1. Sir, Hope you enjoyed the Kabab Thali.
    It is purely my opinion . Here in Trivandrum and other parts of Kerala in almost all the restaurants they use the chicken of big pieces and aged one.
    The chicken should not be weighed more than 1kg. Then only it will be juicy and tenderness. Otherwise it is nothing but coconut pieces.
    Please try it out.


    1. Yeah… practically every place these days use whats known as the Broiler Chicken… But even in such cases, it is possible to cook them right and I personally have done it myself… But for some reason restaurants these days are having great difficulty in doing the same…


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