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The Brickhouse Oven – Monster Brickhouse Burger, Bbq Chicken Pizza and Iced Tea

Today I went back to the Brickhouse Oven and this was the second visit to the place… After posting my previous review on the place which was the first visit, I got recommendations to try their Burgers and Pizzas and so, since I was out on an errand today, I dropped by for lunch… Once again, I am amazed at the decor and got to see things that I missed last time as can be seen in the pics below πŸ™‚ The owner greeted me just like before and informed me that they are about to get the Coffee machine, which means more coffee based choices coming very soon in the menu… He also told me that he saw my previous review and thanked me for it πŸ™‚

Anyways, I was not in the mood for any milkshakes and so, went for their Iced Tea which caught my eye this time… The waiter informed me that the pizzas are small here with thin crust and so, I went for their Bbq Chicken Pizza and on knowing that its small in size, I went for what they call as their Monster Brickhouse Burger as well…

So, the Iced Tea was the first to arrive… It came in a medium sized glass filled to the brim with Mint, Ice cubes and a slice of Lime with another slice on the rim as shown in the pics below…

It was indeed a very refreshing glass of Iced Tea with a strong flavour of Lime and Mint in it… Definitely one of the better Iced Teas I have ever had… Only complaint I had was that it was a bit too sweet for me, which is okay since my personal preference on sweetness is usually a bit less than whats considered normal…

After the Iced Tea I got served the Monster Brickhouse Burger which came on the wooden board, held together with a cocktail stick/skewer as shown in the pics below… According to the menu, this burger consists of the Double Cheese Patty, Fried Egg, Chicken Sausage, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato and Cocktail Sauce… What got served was rather than a Double Cheese Patty ie, Patty with double the amount of Cheese, what came was two seperate patties with cheese on top… There were two layers of vegetables as can be seen in the cut out pics… The layer above had Mayo and the layer at the bottom had a sweet and sour tomato based sauce, which along with the vegetables kind of resembled the Salsa…

I loved every bit of this burger to the core… I felt it had a complex flavour profile with the perfectly cooked Chicken Patties that are clearly homemade with the almost Peri Peri like flavour to them along with the salsa like layer of grilled onions and tomatoes at the bottom along with the perfectly cooked and seasoned Chicken Sausage with the Cheese and the Fried Egg thats also cooked and seasoned perfectly as to be having a slightly thick and runny yolk which literally exploded as I cut into itΒ  and then ofcourse the fresh vegetables(tomatoes, onions and cucumber) with Mayo (Slaw) layer at the top along with two layers of fresh Lettuce… This is indeed one of the very best burgers I have ever had in my life and hence would recommend everyone to try it if they haven’t…

Along with the burger, I was also served the Bbq Chicken Pizza that I ordered… I really wish they had waited for me to be done with the burger before bring it out… This is because, once I was done with the burger and proceeded to try the Pizza, it became pretty much cold and that did indeed affect the experience… Anyways, according to the menu, the Bbq Chicken pizza consists of Bbq (Barbeque) Sliced Chicken, Onion, Mushroom and Green Capsicum (Bell Peppers)… The Pizza came on the wooden board as shown in the pics below… The crust was very thin and crispy and instead of the classic tomato based pizza sauce (Pomodoro), they used a very think layer of their Barbeque sauce on the base…

I liked the part where the crust was homemade and almost wafer thin and crispy to eat… The Chicken was cooked perfectly and tasted incredibly good for me and the vegetables used felt fresh and crunchy… The amount of cheese used was just right… The Barbeque sauce was on the sweet side… I basically had two problems with this pizza… First problem was that because the amount of sauce used was so little like as if just brushed on to the bread, the whole pizza felt dry to eat, forcing me to drink more water as I ate it… I mentioned this to the owner and his response was that they only use the Barbeque sauce in this pizza and so when they added more of it, they got complaints from customers are the pizza is too sweet… My suggestion for that is to either make the Barbeque sauce to be not that sweet or instead of using it on the base, go for the classic pizza sauce and then use the Barbeque sauce just as a topping for the Barbeque Chicken… Pizzas to me, has to have the presence of sauce, else it gets to be dry and unpleasant to eat like this one here… The second problem I had with this pizza is the shortage of mushrooms… Mushrooms are listed in the menu for this pizza, I found very little of it in there… A cost cutting measure perhaps considering the pricing πŸ™‚ Inspite of all this, I must say, this pizza is better than those served at the usual chain places…

Once again, altogether a promising meal from The Brickhouse Oven… The Burger alone definitely deserves a 5 out of 5, but the Pizza not so much and so, considering overall experience today, I am giving an overall rating of 4 out of 5… Anyways, check it out πŸ™‚

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