Food @ Trivandrum

Hotel Annapoorna @ Kazhakuttom – Puri Bhaji with Vada

As I have mentioned before in a previous post, Hotel Annapoorna in Kazhakuttom is a vegetarian budget restaurant thats a good early breakfast option… This time, we had Puri Bhaji and Vada for breakfast…

The Puris came with the classic Bhaji and the Vadas came with the two kinds of Chutneys, namely the Coconut chutney and Onion chutney…

The Puris turned out to be quite soft and slightly fluffy (being packed and brought home it lost its crispiness), made with what felt like a really good quality wheat flour and fried in refined sunflower oil… The Bhaji is the dry kind made with Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Green-chillies and of-course tempering with mustard seeds and cumin seeds…

Coming to the Vada, unlike being Cabbage based like most places in Trivandrum, the ones we got were made with pure White Urad Dal and then it also had Onions, Green-chillies, Ginger and Black Pepper, of-course fried in refined sunflower oil… The Chutneys that came with the Vadas are same as the ones they usually give, about which I have mentioned in my previous post about the place… It still remains my favourite set of Chutneys till date…

Altogether, another great breakfast option to have that based on my experience is one of the best options available in Trivandrum…  🙂

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