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Scoop Station – Litchi George and WTF Ferroro

Back at Scoop Station in Kowdiar Trivandrum after quite a while and this time I was there for lunch 🙂 So, had tried two scoops from their menu that I haven’t had in my previous visits… Btw, recently found out that my previous review on Scoop Station was shared by them in their Facebook page and let me express my thanks to the team at Scoop Station here for it… 🙂

So, among the choices in the menu, I first chose the one I couldn’t get in my previous visits namely what they call the Litchi George… Then since I decided to make this into a meal, also went for what one of my friends have been asking me to try which is what they call their WTF Ferrero…

I am not sure I mentioned this before, but Litchis are my favourite fruit to have and so, if I see it in a dessert menu, I go for it all the time… So, when I saw the Litchi George mentioned in the menu at Scoop Station in my first visit, I tried getting it but it was not available… So, this time, it was and hence I ordered it… The Litchi George as mentioned in their menu consists of Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with some chopped litchis and strawberry syrup and then topped with a strawberry stick… It got served as shown in the pic below…

Last time, I had an issue with their strawberry stick being tasting like some tonic, but this time instead of strawberry stick, what I got was a vanilla stick, which I think works way better than the strawberry stick I had last time… The ice cream was incredibly creamy to almost like a softie kind of consistency with the rich flavour of vanilla and strawberry and the pieces of litchis gave a refreshing fruity flavour of the litchis and also gave a crispy texture to the whole thing… The combination was simply awesome for me and hence would be something I’ll get again in my next visit when it happens 🙂

After the Litchi George, I got what they call as WTF Ferrero… According to the menu, it consists of rich chocolate ice cream mixed with the Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a chocolate stick and hot chocolate fudge, topped with another Ferrero Rocher chocolate and another chocolate stick… One of my friends who introduced me to the place has been asking me to try it for quite some time… So, finally I did and it got served as shown in the pic below…

This is a great option for those who love chocolate ice cream cause, the combination of the flavours from the rich chocolate ice cream along with the crushed Ferrero Rocher and the hot fudge is awesome… The chocolate stick crushed into it adds to the texture by giving some crunch to it… Even though the menu didn’t mention, I did find some chocolate chips inside it which I hope was not added by mistake cause, having it further elevated the ice cream… Its a must try if you are a chocoholic 🙂

So, altogether a great ice cream experience and I am hoping to be able to try more choices from their menu soon… I wish I could go there everyday (I realise that I am sounding like a kid again) but unfortunately its too far away from where I live and also as some of you may already know, my health doesn’t let me have heavy on calorie things like ice cream on a daily basis… So, hopefully soon… 🙂

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