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Leela’s Kitchen – First Dinner Order

In a spur of the movement decision, me and my mom decided to order our dinner from Leela’s Kitchen today and I placed the order on PinStove… So, this time we found some items that intrigued us and so we chose them… Our order consisted of one of their snacks, namely what they call Crispy Paneer Popcorns and then for mains, a portion of Punjabi Aalu Paratha, Malai Kofta, Fresh Ginger Fried Rice, Paneer 65 and a combo of Punjabi Chole and Kulche…

It was a raining and so the food arrived slightly late and to our surprise, we found something we didn’t order and that was 3 Mothichoor Laddoos… When I enquired about it, I found out that its complementary and basically the ‘prasad’ of a ceremony that happened over there at the owner’s house… šŸ™‚

Now coming to the food we ordered, once again, it was worth the wait… And as I requested, all the food items were prepared at medium spice level and with minimum oil/fat content… I have had the Aaloo Paratha and Malai Kofta before from my last order… I got them both for my dad who missed them last time… It came as a portion of two Parathas and along with that, pretty much a cup of pickle… He loved it very much but he said he wish the amount of masala/spice in the filling of the Paratha was lesser… The pickle was a mixed vegetable one with mostly pieces of mango and it worked great with the parathas and my mom is planning to finish whats left of it in the coming days… I found the Kofta to be exactly like last time… Incredibly flavourful gravy with the potato based kofta ball having a piece of paneer inside…

Now coming to the new items that we haven’t got before, the Paneer Popcorn was as the title said, crispy… The paneer was incredibly soft and the crispy crust appeared to have been spiced with some red chillies… Only complaint I have is that the batter appears to have been a bit too thick for me… The Punjabi Chole and Kulche combo was awesome… Essentially it came as a portion of one of the best tasting Chole curry I have ever eatern and the Kulche (two Kulchas per portion) were stuffed with a potato masala made with methi (fenugreek) leaves… My mom and I were literally fighting over them… Unlike most places, the chole was cooked well and so was enjoyable for my grandmother as well…

The Paneer 65 was different from what I expected because here, in most places when you order the same, you get some masala batter fried paneer served with a salad consisting of usually just onions and a slice of lime… However, this one appears to be a dry dish made with fried paneer, bell peppers/capsicum, onions, green chillies and curry leaves… It worked great with the fried rice as well as the parathas and kulchas… The fresh ginger fried rice had a strong presence of ginger, which was exactly what I expected when I saw the title… Along with ginger, the fried rice had some vegetables as well… I’ll definitely be getting it again…

I have had Honey Chilly Potatoes from multiple places in Trivandrum, and its one of the very few dishes made out of potatoes that I actually like… Its a sweet and spicy dish usually with the sweetness coming from honey… However, the Honey Chilly Potatoes that we got tonight was completely different to that, as in, I couldn’t detect any sweetness from it… Instead it was spicy with the flavour of green chillies… However my mom told me that she could detect some very faint sweetness when she picked up some of it from the bottom of the container… I guess the dish could use some more honey in it šŸ™‚

Anyways, once again, a very enjoyable meal from Leela’s Kitchen and I can’t wait for the next time… The Fresh Ginger Fried Rice became my favourite of the day as I personally love the flavour of ginger and it was packed with it… Also, Ginger is good for the throat and a couple of spoonfulls of it basically got my throat cleared… So, its a must try if you too like Ginger like I do… šŸ™‚

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