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Cafe Coffee Day – Almond Rabdi Frappe

Went to the Cafe Coffee Day inside Hotel Ginger today on my way back after some shopping for home today… A few days ago, my parents visited the place and informed me about a new drink thats available now and their review was that it was the best version of ‘Rose Milk’ they have ever had in their lives… Hence, the same was my target for the day 🙂

Well, turned out it is called ‘Almond Rabdi Frappe’ and it is essentially a Rose and almond flavoured iced milk shake (frappe) topped with whipped cream, roasted almonds and some more rose syrup… Optional topping of ice cream (Vanilla or Chocolate) is also offered… I am not sure where Rabdi is coming in the picture here though 🙂

Anyways, I must say this is the best drink I have had from Cafe Coffee Day and as far as Rose Milks go, I agree with my parents… It is indeed the best one I have ever had… The milk shake tasted really good with the flavours being perfect… What I didn’t like is the quantity of whipped cream on top, which to me, who is somebody who doesn’t like to eat whipped cream, was too much and I wished they had filled that volume with the milk shake… When I try it again, I’ll definitely try asking them to make without the whipped cream and maybe add the optional ice cream as topping instead…

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