Food @ Trivandrum

Supreme Upper Crust – Tiramisu & Litchi-Strawberry Smoothie

A few of my friends have been recommending I check out Supreme Upper Crust, especially after seeing my reviews on other similar places… Finally after a long time, I finally got the chance to visit the place… It was an evening after work and since I was feeling a bit dehydrated, I just stopped by to have a drink and ended up having a snack as well… One of the things that made me go there is that I heard that they do make a set of good cheesecakes, something which I found to be impossible to find so far…

The menu is more like of a bistro but since I had lunch before, I went straight to the drinks menu and as this particular smoothie caught my eye… This is what they call the Litchi-Strawberry smoothie which peaked my interest since the Litchi is my favourite fruit… I was a bit skeptical on the combination of Litchi with Strawberry but it turned out to be working quite well… Served in a milk bottle as shown as a thick concoction, it turned out to be very refreshing in such a hot day…

Then I thought of trying one of their cheesecakes and among the choices available, I went for the Tiramusu version which came as shown in the pic… Essentially a creamy cheesecake with a couple of coffee and chocolate coated ladyfingers inside and then topped with some whipped cream and a coffee bean… Among the various cheesecake options I have had in Trivandrum, this one is definitely the best so far… They have other versions of the same as well which I hope to be able to try soon along with other items in their menu…

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