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Leela’s Kitchen: Pav Bhaji Surprise

Well, a day after my last order with Leela’s Kitchen, I saw an ad by the owner Deepika N K, that they are having a Mumbai style Pav Bhaji special for the next day and were accepting orders in advance… However, I couldn’t find the item listed in PinStove and on contacting, found out that its some kind of technical difficulty… However, Deepika said she’ll still accept my order directly and send it over on a CoD plan 🙂 So, ordered for two and as per the offer for the Kitchens of Tvm members, I got one extra for free…

Having lived in Mumbai for quite a while, local fast food items like the Vada Pav, Samosa Pav, Pav Bhaji, Kothambir Vadi Pav, etc were quite the staple of mine especially on working days 🙂 Hence, I can without a shadow of doubt say that this Pav Bhaji from Leela’s Kitchen is really close to the ones I used to get from Mumbai…

A portion consisted of two soft pav buns, toasted in butter, served with a generous portion of the Bhaji, which is basically a curry made up of mixed vegetables (usually, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, onions, beans, etc) and herbs (coriander, mint) in butter with spices till the whole thing kind of turns to a paste, with some chopped onions and a slice of capsicum and a slice of lemon… It is no secret that cooking with butter makes the dish taste even better and thats the secret behind an awesome pav bhaji… If the quality of the butter used is bad or if its substituted with say, oil, the taste won’t be that good 🙂

This one was really good and both my and my mom loved every bit of it… In fact, even though there were three portions, we did end up fighting over it 🙂 We are waiting for this to be available again and I for one am hoping they will soon bring in the rest of the Mumbai special foods that I have been missing since I left Mumbai 🙂

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