Cocoa Bean – Tuna Nicoise and Fish Pie


Back at Cocoa Bean Cafe at Kazhakuttom again after a while for lunch… This time, felt like trying another of their salads and the name Tuna Nicoise caught my eye 🙂

The salad consisted of pieces of what felt like canned tuna with quite a handful of lettuce, bell pepper, olives dressed with some vinaigrette and seasoned with salt and pepper and then topped with a yogurt based sauce and a fried egg… The total quantity of this is like 3-4 tablespoons max, just enough to enjoy the taste as with all their dishes…

Then from the main course menu, having reminded of watching the video of Marco Pierre White cook Fish Pie in both his promo series for Knorr as well as his Great British Feast episode, decided to try the Fish Pie that they serve at Cocoa Bean…

Clearly, this is nothing like Marco Pierre White’s Fish Pie, I guess, because this is an Italian version of the same… The pie has a handful of tiny pieces of fish and shrimp with vegetables like corn, carrot, green peas and onions all diced and cooked in a tomato sauce, seasoned with oregano, that looks and tastes like the one we usually see in a pizza (hence will feel redundant if you are ordering this with a pizza) and topped with mashed potatoes and baked to the form as seen in the pic and served with a piece of garlic bread… Unlike the pies we usually see, this one is very thin ie, a few millimeters to about a centimeter thick on their plate and so, will be done in like 3-4 mouthfuls 🙂

Thats it for now… Hoping to continue the exploration of their menu soon 🙂

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