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Cocoa Bean – Unique Drumsticks

This is from one of my previous visits that I forgot to mention before and got reminded of it as I found the pic of the dish that really surprised me, just now in my phone… And the Cocoa Bean Cafe calls this dish as “Chicken Drumsticks”… Why this dish deserves a special dedicated mention here can be seen in the pic below:

This is completely unlike what one would expect with the name “Chicken Drumsticks” because practically, everywhere when a menu says that name, it usually means the leg pieces of chicken but here its a minced meat sort of a kebab arranged in the way as shown in the pic with a piece of carrot to make it resemble the usual drumstick somewhat…

Taste-wise, this tastes exactly like insides of the meatball dish that I mentioned in one of my previous blog entries here and I suspect its the same mixture rolled into a different shape and instead of it being deep fried as in the case of the meatballs, this one appears to have been grilled… It is served with the same tartar-like sauce and it comes with a small green salad consisting of cabbage, tomato and bell pepper served on a piece of lettuce as can be seen in the pic…

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