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Cocoa Bean – Pot Pie, Meat Balls and Pizza

Went to the Cocoa Bean Cafe in Kazhakuttom again after quite some time… As I was handed the menu, the waiter informed me that they have two specials – Mexican Chicken Meatballs and Chicken Pot Pie… So, decided to try them out:

The Mexican Chicken Meatballs came first as its a starter:

The meatballs has a bit of cheese at the center and its served with a kind of tartar sauce (inside the tomato) and the white coloured sauce on the meatballs is their cream sauce… There is a slight sweetness to the meatball, which I liked and the meatball tasted freshly made and hence lightyears better than the frozen stuff we get in super market and some of the other places…

Once I was done eating the meatballs, then came the Chicken Pot Pie:

To be frank, I have never had a Pot Pie before… I have only seen it in Anthony Bourdain’s show and Lonely Planet where they featured Chicago and back where I myself was there, I didn’t know it existed… So, don’t really have a reference to compare… But from what I can tell this one is basically a pizza made using a burger bun… ie, chicken and vegetables have been cooked using the same oregano and olive flavoured tomato sauce that we normally see in pizzas put inside a cup made of that burger bun and then topped with some processed mozzarella cheese and baked to get whats shown in the above pic… They also seems to have drizzled a bit of their white cream sauce as well… Altogether the dish tasted like how its made, ie a pizza but with a soft “crust” 🙂 Not sure if its because of that sweet cream sauce, the whole thing had a sweetish component to its taste… So, altogether not a disappointment at all…

I didn’t go for any desserts cause didn’t feel the need to thanks to the sweetish taste of both the dishes I had eaten… Then for my grandmother at home, I took a pizza as takeaway…

This is their version of the Quattro Formaggio pizza… Comes with some olives and mushrooms in tomato sauce topped with four kinds of cheese… Even though that sounds scary for the health conscious, it not an overload of cheese… Its a thin layer at the top and this is a classic Italian crust pizza thats not even remotely as thick as the ones we get from the various pizza chains… This is a pizza that I would equate to the pizzas they serve at the Leela at Kovalam and Villa Maya… I found them to be very very close in terms of taste and quality of ingredients… What you see in the above pic is their large size and so safe to say, I’ll be trying some of their other pizzas as well soon… 🙂

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