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Kochi Peedia: The First Impression

So, its yet another day of seafood craving for both me and my dad… Mom was in the process of making some Congee along with a few of its accompaniments… So, because of the craving, I was looking for a Fish Fry option to get and to my surprise, found the restaurant called Kochi Peedia listed in the food delivery app that I use and though the restaurant has been open for some time, it was the first time I saw it listed… So, checked out the menu and placed the order for a portion each of Mathi (Sardines) Fry and Choora (Tuna Mackerel) Fry… They arrived as shown in the pics below… 🙂

So, first lets talk about the Mathi Fry… When I opened the container and saw it, to be frank, I felt worried as the view left me wondering if the Sardines were overcooked and dry as it tends to be when buying from most places around here… But thankfully, that wasn’t the case and they turned out to be cooked just right for me… From the taste, it felt like they were made with the traditional coastal spices namely, Turmeric, Pepper and Chilly Powders though this one felt like it had more presence of pepper, along with Ginger and Garlic paste and lemon juice (the sour component) and of-course, seasoned just right with salt… I could also taste the flavour of the Coconut oil used as well… The Sardines used here is clearly the more flavourful (and a bit more expensive) small kind and can be seen from the pics below, they were fried whole… Altogether, I can say this is one of the best versions of Mathi Fry that I have had so far…

Next up, was supposed to be the Choora Fry, but seems instead of the Tuna Mackerel, I got their Neymeen or Seer Fish fry instead as thats what it looked and tasted like… Unfortunately, I am not acquainted with the owner or management of this restaurant cause of having never had visited before and so couldn’t inform them (and I have mentioned in an earlier post how futile it is to try thru the delivery app)… Of-course, if you are the owner or management of Kochi Peedia reading this, feel free to contact me regarding this if needed… For the time being, I am assuming that what I ended up getting is exactly what I placed the order for 🙂

Anyways, regarding this Fish Fry, the Neymeen was cooked perfectly and the cooked flesh was easily coming off as flakes at my slightest touch as can be see in the pic below which is whats expected from a well cooked Seer Fish… As for the taste, the fish appeared to have been marinated using the same set of spices and herbs as the Sardines but here, the difference is that it tasted stronger on the Red Chilly Powder than Pepper which was the case with the Sardines… Lemon Juice was again the sour component here and it was again seasoned perfectly with Salt… Again, I could taste the flavour of Coconut Oil in this… Altogether, both me and my dad simply loved this Fish Fry and I think its a must try…

I found both the fish fry options to be equally good combinations with the Congee and its accompaniments we had, as can be seen in the pic below… 🙂

Thats it for now… Kochi Peedia indeed does look promising when it comes to Naadan Seafood options, at-least as far the Fish Fry options go, so far, as I am yet to try anything else… I for one am hoping to be able to try more items from their menu soon… 🙂

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