Sweet Truth: The First Impression


Sweet Truth is another brand of Rebel Foods about which I briefly mentioned about in my previous post and the focus appears to be on cakes here as they seem to be having quite a good selection of Cakes in their menu… However, what peaked my interest enough to try ordering from them is the mention of Cheese Cakes in the menu, which is something I have been craving for, for the past 1 year… So, here we are 🙂

According to the menu, they have 3 kinds of Cheese Cakes namely the New York Cheese Cake, the Mango Cheese Cake and the Chocolate Crusted Cheese Cake… So, I found a combo option called Indulgence Box which includes all 3 along with a piece of their Red Velvet Cake… I also felt like trying their Chocolate Truffle Pastry and so placed the order for it as well and the following pic shows everything that arrived… As can be seen, they gave me their brownie instead of the Chocolate Crusted Cheese Cake… But its ok… Its the New York and Mango Cheese Cakes that I was really after in the first place 🙂

So, first lets talk about the New York Cheese Cake which is the reason why I decided to try ordering from this brand… Personally, I am fond of the New York Cheese Cake and has always been my favourite kind of Cheese Cake to have… The one I got here certainly looks good but I have mixed feelings about the taste… This is because, even though the flavours of the Cake was good enough and the texture was incredibly soft and creamy, it felt like one of those Non-Bake Cheese Cakes to me… In other words, it felt undercooked… New York style Cheese Cakes are supposed to be baked well and hence they have a firmer and rich texture and the flavours as a result of the baking become quite concentrated… Here everything felt like not set enough and hence my doubt that its not baked enough and the texture of the crust seemed off too… So, personally, I didn’t quite like this one, but at the same time, if you are somebody who likes Non-Bake Cheese Cakes, then I think you will be able to enjoy this… 🙂

Next up is the Red Velvet Pastry… Now this one, I did end up liking… The Cake was incredibly soft and fluffy and also quite moist… The Sweetness was indeed on the high side but not too much so that it was possible to feel the taste of the Red Velvet Cake… The Butter Cream frosting felt nice too, though personally, I like having the Cream Cheese Frosting better with Red Velvet Cakes… Nevertheless, I think this one is worth trying if you haven’t already… 🙂

Regadring the Mango Cheese Cake, the texture and flavour of the Cheese was exactly the same as the New York Cheese Cake and the differences were that the Cake clearly had Mango (possible in the form of syrup) and the crust was made of Dark Chocolate Biscuits (possibly Oreo or something that tastes similar)… Though I was not fond of the non-bake like texture, I ended up liking this one cause of the flavour of Mango in it which felt nice… The Dark Chocolate crust appeared to balance out the sweetness of the Cake in this case and the overall taste felt good… I think its worth trying… 🙂

Next, lets talk about the Chocolate truffle Pastry… First of all, I don’t quite understand the logic behind this practice of heating up cakes to be sent for home delivery parcel… The problem of doing that is that, as the hot cake travels, because of the heat, condensation of water vapour happens inside the box (you can see the water droplets on the lid, in the pics below) and obviously, most of that water falls back on the cake, making it soggy by the time the customer receives the Cake… The same applies to everything else, but of-course in case of hot foods, this can’t be avoided and in many cases, this doesn’t cause much problems, but in case of delicate desserts like Cakes, this indeed becomes a problem… At least in such cases, its always best to pack cold and leave a note to customer recommending that the food be heated before consumption… That way, the customer won’t have to see anything like whats seen in the pics below where clearly the condensation water has fallen and watered down the cake… Clearly this has affected the taste as all I could taste from most of this was the bitterness of the Chocolate used and a very mild / watered down sweetness with the sponge being absolutely tasteless… But I did manage to find a portion (this is the one I finished today) inside that wasn’t soggy and from that, I could tell that this was an rich and decadent Cake to begin with, with a very rich taste of Dark Chocolate… The Chocolate Sponge felt just sweet enough and not too much… Overall, I found myself being able to enjoy that part, though I wished that I had a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream to have with it… Anyways, I guess when ordering next time, I’ll try mentioning in the Cooking Instructions not to heat this or any other cake when sending as I can do it myself… 🙂

Last but not least is the Brownie they sent instead of the expected Chocolate Crusted Cheese Cake… First of all, this brownie felt quite dense, in-fact more dense than any other Brownie that I have ever had to the point that I ended up suspecting if the Brownie was overcooked a bit… But at the same time, I found it to be packed inside with Dark Chocolate Chips… Regarding the taste, it had a very rich taste of Chocolate Fudge used and the bitterness of the Chocolate and the Sweetness felt quite balanced… Overall, seemed worth trying though it arrived unexpected…

So, thats it… Mixed feelings overall about the Cakes in general cause I have had better versions of these cakes from other places in Trivandrum itself… But still these cakes are better than the cakes sold by most of the other places here and so, I guess its worth checking out… So, feel free to do the same and let me know how it went in the comments section below 🙂

P. S: To the fat shaming brigade who usually develops a “concern” for my health whenever I make a post like this, FYI – I didn’t eat all these cakes by myself… I just ate one of them (as mentioned above) and tasted the rest for the purpose of writing this review and the leftovers are in my fridge right now and they will be eaten collectively by me and my parents over the coming days… Hope you can understand…

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