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Goodness Restaurant: Fish Two Ways

A few days ago, when my mom announced that its going to be rice today for lunch, my dad got this idea of buying some Fish Fry and Curry and as always, I was tasked with locating and procuring the same for both of us to enjoy… So, as I searched in the app, I found Goodness Restaurant which is a restaurant thats near Vetturoad junction at the border of Kazhakuttom thats at walkable distance from my home and the menu had some seafood items… Both of us ended up liking the Tuna Fry (posted here) that we tried and thats why when we felt a craving for fish today, we decided to go for fish from the same place again and this post is about the same…

So, from the menu, I chose the Neymeen Fry this time and unfortunately there was no regular Fish Curry options that we were hoping to get and turns out the only available option was Neymeen Roast and so, I went for the same… The pics above show how both of them after I opened up the package and put in the bowl for the table… So, we had the same with rice and leftover curries made by mom as shown in the pic below… 🙂

So, first lets talk about the Fish Fry, which in this case was the Neymeen Fry since it was made using Neymeen which is an umbrella term that South Keralites use to denote the Kingfish as well as the Cobia… What you see in the bowl in the pic below is two portions each consisting of 2 slices of the Fish… Regarding the taste, first of all, it has been a very long time since I have seen any restaurant give me Neymeen slices that are this thick and juicy whenever I had Fish Fry… The flavours in these pieces were all clean with just the right amount of salt and traditional minimalistic coastal seasonings that the flavour of the fish could be felt well and just enhanced a bit by the seasonings… They all were a bit crispy on the outside while being fluffy and juicy inside… Loved every bit of it 🙂

Next up was the Neymeen Roast… Again, what you see in the bowl in the pic below is two portions each consisting of one slice of the Fish along with the masala… The pieces given here were a bit bigger than the ones we got in the Fry as in same thickness but wider and longer, but fired nonetheless and then tossed in the masala… As can be seen from the appearance, the masala was loaded with onions, garlic, green chillies and black pepper, curry leaves… It had the fragrance of coconut oil and a nice medium level spicy garam masala as well… The fish just like the fry, felt to be fresh and was having a slightly crispy outer layer while being fluffy and juicy inside… All the flavours were quite balanced though I wish it was a bit less spicy for my taste… My dad however loved this more than the fry as he felt the spice level was right for him…

Overall, I was really surprised to see the quantity and quality of the fish that was used in both the dishes and also how well they were cooked too which is quite rare among restaurants that are at similar budget levels… I mean for example, in case of this fish, in most places, we see more than twice the pricing for a single piece of fish fry where we got not one but two… So, clearly this restaurant has caught my undivided attention and I am hoping to make this my regular place for Fish Fry, provided they continue serving the fish like this… Anyways, kudos to the team… 🙂

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