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A Puddin’ Time By Puddin’ Hut

It was just yesterday that I came across a post by a friend of mine that showed a couple of puddings by a Puddin’ Hut… Tender Coconut pudding was the highlight of that post and that peaked my interest especially since thats my mom’s favourite and she had expressed a craving for the same recently… So, I contacted Puddin’ Hut and came to know that its basically a homechef operation and thankfully, delivery was available to my location… Also, they have two puddings in their menu, which is a Tender Coconut pudding which they call as the “Creamy Coconut Pudding” and also the “Italian Biscuit Pudding” and both are available as Personal as well as Family sized portions… Since I ended up being the only one interested in the Italian Biscuit Pudding, I placed the order for a personal portion of the same along with the family sized portion of the Creamy Coconut Pudding… The following pic shows how they arrived today… 🙂

Delivery from Puddin’ Hut

First, lets talk about the Italian Biscuit Pudding… When I heard that name, I expected something to do with the Italian Biscotti that I have had some time before… But what came pretty much looked like a Tiramisu as can be seen from the pics below…

Coming to the taste, well, it did taste pretty much like a Tiramisu too (though the taste of the Mascarpone seemed to be missing but that stretchy texture was definitely there)… It was incredibly rich and creamy with the taste of Cream with what felt like the taste of Condensed Milk and hint of Vanilla along with a slight hint of Coffee when you chew the biscuits portion and ofcourse the flavour of Chocolate cutting thru everything… The level of sweetness was just right for me and in no way overpowering the flavours of the ingredients (assuming the reason I couldn’t taste Mascarpone is not because it got overpowered)… Altogether, I loved it and I am indeed regretting the choice of getting just the Personal portion of this pudding… 🙂

Next up is the Creamy Coconut Pudding… As I said before, it has always been the favourite kind of pudding here for my parents and one of the favourites for me… The main reason why we decided to get this is because its Eggless (Mom is a vegetarian) and thats hard to get around here… This one looked exactly like we expected it to be ie, a Pannacotta… Funny thing about this is that it kind of looked exactly like the one being sold at a popular bakery in Trivandrum, leaving us wondering for a min if Puddin’ Hut is the one supplying to that bakery… Anyways, the family size appeared to be enough for a family of 2-3 to share and looked its basically double that of the personal portion size… Ofcourse, can’t complain considering the affordable pricing 🙂

Texture wise, this was the exact opposite of the Biscuit Pudding… The Pannacotta was incredibly soft and lite that it literally melted in my mouth… I don’t think I have seen a Pannacotta this lite for quite a while… While the name says “Creamy Coconut Pudding”, to be frank, I didn’t feel any creaminess at all and instead it felt pretty much like milk as in when you put a dollop in your mouth, it melts and then the experience is similar to drinking a mouthful of milk… In other words, the texture was more like a very very lite jello… Again the sweetness was just right for me and the only thing I wish they didn’t do is to add that roasted and caramelised coconut in the topping… I think instead of that, it would have been better if they put in some tender coconut itself (or Nata de Coco possibly) on the top along with the roasted Cashews – just my opinion / suggestion ofcourse… In-spite of this, I did end up liking the pudding and so did my parents…

Overall, I think Puddin’ Hut looks very promising… I for one am hoping to see them flourish with more pudding options in the near future… I’ll definitely be getting the family portion of the Biscuit Pudding next time… 😀 😛

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