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BSix Inn: The Underrated Chicken Spring Roll

Spring Rolls have always been one of my favourite things to eat and it is one of those items which I always order at-least as a starter whenever I see it in a menu… This post is about a surprising Spring Roll option that I recently discovered in Kazhakuttom and its from BSix Inn… The restaurant there used to be a regular spot for me and my parents back when they started years ago but for some reason we had pretty much forgotten about it until they started appearing in apps like Swiggy and I thought of trying their food again… It is then that I discovered their new menu and stumbled upon their soups and spring rolls in the menu… This was before the corona pandemic started and I was hoping to write a review after visiting the place (as I had been doing before as my reviews tend to cover the restaurant as well instead of just the food) but sadly, that didn’t happen yet for obvious reasons which is why I started writing reviews about food that I could get delivered at home and BSix Inn was closed for quite a while for renovations since the triple lockdown in the city and it only reopened very recently and hence I thought this might be the best time for this post…

Before, we talk about the Spring Roll, lets first talk about the soup I liked which is their Sweet Corn Chicken Soup which was delivered as shown in the pics below… It appeared to be an egg drop soup made with Chicken, Sweet Corn, Celery Stalks, and Coriander Leaves… Thankfully, the soup was not thickened which by itself was a huge relief for me as I saw it after opening…

The soup tasted exactly as how it looked… Clean flavours of Chicken, Egg, the Corn and ofcourse the Coriander and Celery with the flavour of Celery more dominant that the Coriander… The soup didn’t seem thickened at all but that doesn’t mean that its not thick at all… I guess its because of the corn used that there was a very very slight starchiness to the soup… Every component felt and tasted like it was cooked and seasoned just right… Its a nice soup that I liked having so far…

Now, lets talk about the Spring Roll… There are two options of Spring Rolls in the menu namely Veg and Chicken and it is the Chicken Spring Roll that I placed the order for… Spring Rolls in India has always been different from the original Vietnamese version and is basically a variant of the Egg Roll thats popular in American Chinese restaurants… This means that here Spring Rolls are cylindrical wraps made with meat, egg and/or shredded vegetables like cabbage, carrots, Bell Peppers, etc (in some cases, I have seen even noodles included as part of the filling too) and herbs which are wrapped using flour skins and fried in hot oil… They are served or delivered sliced as shown in the pics below…

Here, the Spring Roll I had was their Chicken Spring Roll… As can be seen from the pics, this Spring Roll was clearly made using all purpose flour skins and the filling appeared to have Chicken, Cabbage, Carrots, Bell Peppers, Onion and also Ginger, Garlic, Chives and crushed Black Pepper as well… From the taste, the filling was cooked in the Hakka Style as how we make Fried Rice with just Soy Sauce and seasoning with Pepper… The Chicken was cooked perfectly and the vegetables felt to be crunchy… The flour skin appeared to be fried just right as well with the outside being crispy and the layers inside being soft and a bit chewy like how noodles tend to be as can be seen from the cross-section pic below… Overall, this reminded me of the Spring Roll that I used to get from Highland Hotel that had been my favourite and now its like I have an alternative thats close to my home… It is a must try… 🙂

So, overall, I loved this Spring Roll and although there has been some variations in the filling across the few times I could try, I have not been disappointed even once… Regarding the Veg version, my vegetarian (borderline vegan) mom once tried the Veg Spring Roll and she said she liked it… So, thats definitely a good news for vegetarians right there… Yet, oddly enough, I have never seen anyone post in social networks about this Spring Roll or any other food from the place… This is why I call this Spring Roll as The Underrated Spring Roll in Trivandrum… Check it out if you haven’t already as I think its definitely worth it… 🙂

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