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Return Of The Apple Pie Thru Madison Street

It was a few weeks ago that I saw a post by Sanda Doina Toma who is a friend of mine, saying that she started working as a home-baker making Apple Pies and in a couple of days, came to know that the Madison Street restaurant has partnered with her and now, she makes and supplies the Apple Pies exclusively for them and the restaurant can be contacted for home delivery orders as well… Seeing the pics posted by them in social networks, I got reminded of the Apple Pie I had from US, but my area was a Covid containment zone then and so couldn’t try it… Finally after quite a wait, I got the chance to try it today and this post is about that experience… 🙂 🙂

Apple Pies and Pies in general have been one of my personal favourite kind of foods to have ever since I first had them many years ago when I visited US for the first time… I have been looking for a good Pie option in Trivandrum and even though the Ambrosia Bake House used to make somewhat good ones back when they initially started, it is indeed painful for me to say that I couldn’t find anyone who seemed to at-least know what they were doing when it comes to making pies, since then… I mean all the options I have tried have been just outright wrong with cases from where the pies were dry and starchy with hardly any presence of actual apple (I can’t count how many times I was served “Apple Pies” where filling was mostly flour, sugar and tutti frutti with apple like flavourings added and the crust was basically bread or non-butter puff pastry), to cases, where a minimal presence of apple was there but it was still mostly flour and sugar (with even nuts and raisins in some cases), most of whom used butter substitutes and even saw a couple of versions where the entire pie seemed to have been coated with sticky sweetened corn syrup and was so sweet that it was impossible to taste anything other than the sugar…

So, as you can see, when I saw the pics they posted, showing the pies where the pieces of Apple was abundantly visible between the latticed crust on top, it really was a welcoming sight for me, which is basically the main reason I wanted to try the same… So, the order was placed by calling the restaurant yesterday and they delivered the Pie today afternoon… 🙂

The pics here show the pie I got today… It looked exactly like the pics I saw in social networks and appearance-wise, I was surprised to see what looked like torched sugar crystals (as can be seen in the closeup pics below) as topping on the pie instead of Icing sugar dusted or sparkling sugar, cause it was a first for me… As I said about the pics I saw in social networks, the pie looked like it was stuffed with slices of Apple… There was a nice fragrance of both butter and cinnamon along with the apples coming from it as I removed the cling film cover… To give you the idea of the size, the diameter looked to be same as a regular 1kg cake and ofcourse height was about half of it… As can be seen from the pics above, it definitely looked yummy 🙂

Now coming to the taste, the first thing I tasted was the top crust, which felt to be a bit crispy and the caramelised sugar crystals felt nice with it… The apple pieces were again caramelised and at the same time seemed to have absorbed the flavours of the butter and cinnamon while retaining the refreshing taste and a bit of crispiness of the apple intact… It was very clear that the apples used were fresh and of the best quality else you can’t get it to retain its texture like that even after the cooking… The bottom crust was cooked perfectly too… What I liked the most about this pie is how balanced the flavours of the Apple, Butter, Cinnamon and the whole caramelisation ended up being with just the right amount of sweetness which doesn’t overpower anything in the pie… So, long story short, loved every bit of this pie and I think this Apple Pie is undoubtedly the best tasting and healthiest Apple Pie being sold in Trivandrum right now and as far as I have seen, the best Apple Pie to ever have been sold in Trivandrum’s history…

So, as you can see, this is an Apple Pie which is a must try… I can go as far as to say that you will be missing out if you don’t try… I for one is definitely going to buy again whenever I can and I am eagerly waiting for the baker to start making other kinds of pies as well… Fingers crossed… 😀


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