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Chicken Fried Rice From Sai’s

Times are changing and so would the climate. The sun is back after the rains but no significant change has occurred to my appetite. Of course, that has to be case cause otherwise I can’t be called “human” and that can’t be tolerated !!!

So, after some time, I though of ordering something for “Sai’s”. It is lunch time and so how about a trying a “Chicken Fried Rice”?? – so I thought. Without any further thoughts, I quickly went to Swiggy and opened their profile and saw the “Chicken Fried Rice with Watermelon juice” combo for Rs. 160 which after the offer, came down to Rs. 131. All that I mentioned in the packing instructions is that “I need ketchup”. Order was placed and I was feeling very hungry. Ofcourse once the order comes, I do dump it on my plate and eat like how its seen in cartoons 🙂

The Fried Rice, the Juice and two sachets of Ketchup were what I got delivered. The first thing I did was to transfer fried rice to my plate. It looked quite oily. At the first glance itself, saw some nicely chopped meat pieces. The scrambled egg and all were seen at the inside of the fried rice. Nicely cooked Spring onion could also be seen.

So, setting aside these observations, I’ll come to the point. Like I said at the beginning, the rice was quite oily. But at the same time it was cooked nicely which is a relief. But when you eat the fried rice, overall it feels plain. No spiciness or significant flavour. Just a plain oily taste. When you get the spring onion in your mouth, you get the taste of that and similarly when you get the meat pieces and egg. Thats all !!!

However, there is a twist. The taste becomes next level if you eat the fried rice with the ketchup. Is it because of the Fried Rice or the Ketchup – I don’t know. Quantity of the rice was normal and so I wonder how it will be for people who share and eat !! – If you are running short of cash in account, you can definitely try that !!! 🙂

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