Puri-Bhaji From Parota Point


Was feeling too lazy to cook in the morning. Especially today since it was 10:30am and I was very hungry. So, went to Swiggy and saw Parota Point and chose their “Puri Bhaji” and saw the price as Rs. 45 and in the payment options, saw that with delivery charges, the total is Rs. 75. Also, in cooking instructions, I put in “Add Some Chutney”; Thats all. I have online classes. So, in that gap until then, I brushed my teeth and started heating the water for making tea on the stove. These days, its not milk tea but rather milk powder tea. When I placed the order, it was 15 minutes maximum.

Last time when I had the Puri-Kurma from Parota Point, I had mentioned that their Puris are big. This time, found only one newspaper wrapped pack in the bag. When I opening the pack, there was a slightly crumbled Puri and then at the end of the plastic cover there was the Bhaji and the Chutney or rather Chammanthi. Seeing all this, without wasting any time, I went ahead to eat because my classes was about to start in 5 minutes.

The Puri was quite crispy and it was hot too. The Chammanthi was ground well and tasted of green chillies and coconut which stays in your mouth. The Bhaji was like usual, without the turmeric overpowering and flavours well balanced along with well cooked potatoes. Anyways, stomach became full as the quantity of the Puri, Chammanthi and the Bhaji ran out. Everything happened so quickly !!!

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