Precautions To Be Taken On The Account Of Increasing Hot Weather In The State

The following are the Precautionary instructions directed by the Disaster Management Authority of the Govt of Kerala, to prevent heat related health issues considering the fact that the weather is getting hotter than before in the state. Though released by the Kerala State Govt, the same can be applied everywhere else as well.

  1. Drink enough Water.
  2. Always carry a Bottle of Water.
  3. Always wear a Cap or use an Umbrella when going outside during Daytime.
  4. Avoid Alcoholic Beverages during Daytime.
  5. Always wear Loose and Light Colored Cotton Clothes.
  6. In Classrooms, ensure enough Ventilation.
  7. Ensure availability of Clean Drinking Water in Schools and Exam Halls.
  8. Take adequate precautions to Protect Small Children(At Anganwadis, etc) from the Heat.
  9. Elderly People, Pregnant Ladies, Children and Those who are Sick must avoid direct Sunlight from 11am to 3pm at all costs.
  10. People who work outside during Daytime should ensure that they take enough rest.
  11. Ensure that Nutritious and Balanced Meals are taken at all times.
  12. Ensure that Fruits are included in the Daily Diet.
  13. To prevent Dehydration, use ORS solution.
  14. Ensure availability of Adequate Shelter and Clean Water for Pets and other Domestic Animals.
  15. If any symptoms like Tiredness, etc or if any other problem is suspected, Seek Medical attention Immediately.

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