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Michael’s Icecream Burger: The First Try

Over the past few days, I had been hearing quite a hype regarding this new place that opened at Mall of Travancore called Michael’s Icecream Burger… I have had Ice Cream Sandwiches before but never a Burger though I have heard about the Dessert Burger concept before… So, I thought this might be a perfect opportunity to try and so, I went to the place today… The place is located at the same floor as the cafeteria but this place is pretty much at the other corner of the floor at the mall, near the escalator… 🙂

So, from the menu, I decided to try the Icecream Burger called Crunchy Cashew Burger… The server there makes the Burger fresh to order and it essentially looks like a crispy and crunchy so called “Burger Cake”, thats made by frying a batter in a grid pattern and then folded with Ice Cream and toppings in between and served as can be seen in the pic below… Being the Crunchy Cashew Burger, as indicated in the menu, there is the scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream along with Roasted Cashews and also has a little bit of Chocolate Sauce drizzled all over…

Coming to the taste, first of all, that “Burger Cake” essentially reminded me in terms of texture, of the naadan Vettucake which is a form of fried cake that is popular in Kerala as a tea time snack, that I am a fond of, but firmer and more chewy… The taste however felt very similar to how Waffles are usually… Personally I felt that it needed a bit more sweetness as I felt that the amount of Ice Cream given is not enough to enjoy the whole Burger cake with… The Ice Cream was of-course just like any other Vanilla scoop and the roasted cashews were just like any other and crunchy… Nothing special about the Chocolate Sauce either… Its the package of the fried cake with the Ice Cream and toppings as a whole that seems to be the key here… I for one have the opinion that though its not 100% worth the hype right now, some tweaking with the recipe ie, making the “cake” a bit lighter and more flavourful and/or adding more ice cream should make this a much better experience to have… 🙂

So, thats it for now… I am left wishing that they do tweak the recipe like I suggested but of-course I doubt it since they are a chain spread across multiple locations and I am well, just me… Anyways, fingers crossed… 🙂

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