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Ambrosia @ Kazhakuttom – Chicken Chettinaadu Roll And Classic Royal Falooda

Well, today, I ended up being stuck later than usual at work and because of how hectic it was, I ended up skipping lunch as well… So, as you can imagine, I was feeling extremely hungry as I was coming back… So, ended up stopping by Ambrosia (Kazhakuttom branch) for at-least a snack as there would be the dinner later at home… So, ended up having their Chicken Chettinaadu Roll as that was the only savoury option left at that time as the server informed me that they ran out of burger buns cause for some reason… Plus I wasn’t in the mood to have anything other than a roll or two max… Thats when the server informed me about a new desserts menu and recommended that I try one of their Faloodas… So, ended up trying their Classic Royal Falooda as well…

First up was the Chicken Chettinaadu Roll and its something that has been in Ambrosia’s on the shelf quick bites for many years and its something I have been having for years as well… Its usually on the spicy side as we would expect from anything from the Chettinaadu style of foods but what I like the most about this particular roll of theirs is that unlike the others, this comes fully packed with Chicken meat… It was served as shown in the pic below…

To be frank, even though I have had it for years, it has been a while since I had this roll… So, noticed a big difference right away… The bread/pastry appeared different… It used to be like a regular bread roll and I remember having this roll made with puff pastry as well earlier… This time however, it felt like a Croissant but rolled differently… As can be seen from the above pics, it was indeed layered and it was soft and fluffy too and it could be cut easily using a table knife… The topping of Cheese and Bell pepper and those strands of sauce has existed before too… The filling was pretty much the same… The classic Chettinaadu Chicken Masala made in the dry form but unlike before, I felt it to be much less spicy and perfectly to my liking… Chicken meat was a bit overcooked though, but thats how Ambrosia has cooked Chicken all the time (helps with the shelf life I guess)… To be frank, yet, I ended up liking this new version and so, ended up having one more and turned this “snack visit” into dinner time for the day… 🙂

Next up is the Classic Royal Falooda… According to the menu, this Falooda consists of Pineapple, Apple, Vermicelli, Kus Kus, Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk and Strawberry Crush… It was served as shown in the pics below…

First of all, rather than Vermicelli and Milk seperately, what I found was pretty much a Payasam made with Vermicelli ie, “Semiya Payasam” which is quite popular in Kerala and also a popular ingredient of the Falooda in many places here… It was rich and creamy and also seemed to have Rose Essence giving it a subtle hint of the fragrance and flavour of Rose… The Strawberry Crush seemed nice enough… The flavours of the Fruits, The Strawberry Crust, the Payasam and the Vanilla Ice Cream appeared to balance themselves quite nicely… However, what I disliked about this Falooda is the Kus Kus (Khus Khus) cause they turned out to be completely bland and seemed to water down the flavours of any bite that had them… Other than that, overall, I felt its a fairly good Falooda option…

Thats it for now… I think both these items are worth trying at-least once and I suggest you do the same too… 🙂

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