Food @ Trivandrum

Bikash Babu Sweets – Chole Bhature

It has been a while since Bikash Babu Sweets opened and pretty much took over the Sweets scene in Trivandrum… However, it was rare that I got to goto the place since its quite far from where I live… But thankfully, they recently opened up a branch near Kazhakuttom and started being available for home deliveries thru Swiggy… Also, because of the timing when I usually end up in the Trivandrum city area whenever I end up going that side, I could never try any of the savoury meal options from the menu as they were all available only in the evening in time for dinner… Now that I have the option of getting their food delivered, I went ahead and ordered their Chole Bhature for dinner today… Ofcourse, since my parents were out some event, I was alone and having heard that a single portion of this is quite big and also since this is the first time and so, to minimise the risk of damage, I ordered just the one portion…

The above pic shows how it was as I set it up in my plate… Now that plate is the biggest plate we have here in the house that is well, as large as a large pizza of dominos 🙂 and you can see that the bhatura occupies what looks to be atleast 80% of the area… So, yeah, it was a big bhatura… And that Chole you see there was around 200-250ml equivalent… So, I realised that it was a good decision to get just the one portion…

Unlike how it has been usually for me whenever I had Bhature take outs, both the Bhatura and the Chole Masala given arrived piping hot and the Bhatura hadn’t lost its crispiness on the outside at all… It was quite thick I mean the Bhatura but being fresh, felt soft enough to take apart quite easily… It was cooked uniformly and seasoned perfectly and in fact, not too oily as well in-spite of it being a deep fried item… Clearly they know what they are doing 🙂 Now coming to Chole Masala, the chickpeas were cooked perfectly and I loved the consistency of that thick onion and tomato based gravy they have going on there… The only complaint I have about it is that it was a bit too spicy for me… By spicy I don’t mean the heat from the chillies, they were fine… It felt like they put in too much of the garam masala in there… Otherwise, its a fine Chole Masala that works well with Bhature…

So, overall, I think this is definitely one of the best Chole Bhature option in Trivandrum… Its just that I wish the Chole Masala’s has a little less amount of spices in it… Correcting that would make it the best in Trivandrum for sure in my opinion… Anyways, there are more savoury options in their menu that I am hoping to try soon… Especially their chaat menu… Hopefully, soon… 🙂

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