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Eve’s Coffee – Charcoal Latte and White Chocolate Brownie


Its been a while since I last visited Eve’s Coffee and finally got the chance to visit since I was going thru the Pettah area and hence decided to drop by… In my previous post about this place, I had written about their Matcha and Red Velvet Lattes and there was one more that I wanted to try but couldn’t back then and that was the Charcoal Latte… So, this time, I took as an opportunity to try the same and so, tried the Charcoal Latte and to go with it, I took their White Chocolate Brownie as well… They came as shown in the pics below πŸ™‚

First, lets talk about the Charcoal latte… This has been a recently growing phenomenon where pretty much the entire world is talking about the health benefits of activated charcoal about it being an incredibly good for skin treatments to it being a incredibly good detox option as well when consumed… But at the same time I have been hearing warnings about issues that can happen if we take too much of it where people don’t recommend that we take it everyday… So, several products from body lotions to soaps to food like the Charcoal bun or “black bread” and ofcourse the Charcoal Coffee…

So, Eve’s Coffee here has a Charcoal Latte, which if my memory serves me right is the very first place to have it in their menu… When I first saw about it thru posts in fb, I first thought it might be made using Charcoal Coffee which is basically made by roasting Coffee beans till the outer layers become charred and hence coffeee with Charcoal πŸ™‚ However, here the owner informed me that its a latte made with Activated Charcoal, which to my understanding is usually made by adding the Activated Charcoal powder to a regular Latte… Anyways, it came as shown in the pics below…

Coming to the taste, to be frank, based on previous experience with things charred and because of how it looked, I expected this latte to taste quite bitter… However, turned out its not the case… There was indeed the charred taste, but it was quite mild… I couldn’t taste much Coffee in this either, which is fine by me cause I am not much of a Coffee person… So, the overall it felt like drinking slightly charred hot sweet (cause I added the sugar they gave) milk to me, which I ended up liking very much…


Now lets talk about the White Chocolate Brownies… Actually, the right term for it is not Brownie, but rather Blondie as thats what they call when you make a Brownie but without the Cocoa in it… Usually in Blondies they use Vanilla instead of it and here, in a White Chocolate one, they add White Chocolate to it…

When I browsed their snacks shelf, I found that they had the White Chocolate Blondie and so, I decided to try that and there was an option of adding a scoop of Ice Cream to it which I took and hence it came as shown in the pics below with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on top…

Coming to the taste, first of all, its very sweet… If you are into heavily sweet stuff, this is definitely the item you need to try… But at the same time, even though high, the sweetness is not overpowering the rest of the flavours namely that of the Vanilla and the White Chocolate… All 3 of it is equally visible which is a sign that the chef who has made this really knows what he/she is doing and has balanced the flavours really well… To me personally, this does seem too sweet, but thats just me… πŸ™‚ Other than the flavours, the texture was really Β good with the crispy and crumbly outer later to a soft but dense interior which is what we expect in a blondie / brownie… The Ice Cream gave another layer of richness to it as well… So, altogether a very rich snack / dessert option πŸ™‚



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