Healthy Mango Sorbet

A while ago, I had posted this recipe of an Icecream like Frozen dessert made with Bananas… Check Healthy Ice Cream Option if you haven’t seen the same 🙂

Now that this is the Mango season going on, I thought of trying the same idea but with Mangoes… Lucky for me, my parents brought in some delicious Ratnagiri Mangoes and hence I thought to try doing the same process but using the mangoes and the end result is as shown in the pics below 🙂

However, this time I have made one difference and its that I am making this as a Sorbet rather than the Ice Cream… This means that unlike the last recipe, I am not using Milk or any other dairy products…

So, for this recipe, you’ll need the following:

  1. Mangoes – 3 in ripe condition (Here I used the Ratnagiri Mangoes)…
  2. Water – 1/5th of a cup…
  3. Sugar / Sweetner – as per taste… If the mangoes are really good and sweet, you may not need this at all… But the mangoes that I used needed a little bit… But fair warning, adding sugar will affect the Health Coefficient of the recipe… Best option would be to find and use good Mangoes so that you won’t need to add Sugar / Sweetners at all to this… 🙂

And heres how you do this…

  1. Peel and chop your Mangoes and Freeze it overnight or until frozen solid… 🙂
  2. Add the Mango pieces along with the water in a blender and blend to get a thick and smooth paste / pulp…
  3. Check the taste and add the sugar / sweetner if needed to your prefered level and blend till the sugar / sweetner gets blended in well… In my case, I added a couple of teaspoons of diet sugar and it was fine for me…
  4. Transfer the whole mixture in a tray / vessel and place it back in the freezer for 3-4 hours untill it becomes set and is ready to serve…

Thats it… Since the Mangoes that I had were quite rich in flavour, I didn’t try adding additional flavourings like Vanilla extract, etc… But by all means feel free to try and let me know if it works 🙂

P.S: One thing I noticed about this is that unlike the usual sorbets that we get from outside, this one melts very very fast, making me wonder if the commerical vendors are adding anything (like how they are known to add for Ice Cream Sandwiches and Sticks) to delay the melting process… Anyways, please do try this recipe and let me know how it is for you 🙂

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