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Paul’s Creamery – Chakka Maanga Thenga :)

A few days ago, I saw this ad posted in Facebook by the owner of Paul’s Creamery:

This is an ad announcing 3 new flavours of Ice Creams and the owner mentioned this as the summer special for this year… They are humorously named Chakka, Maanga and Thenga respectively… Basically they mean Jackfruit, Mango and Coconut respectively… Ofcourse, by Coconut, they mean Tender Coconut… So, when I finally got the chance to visit Paul’s Creamery, I just had to try them all and so basically made them into my lunch for the day 🙂

So, this is how they came: The one at the back is the Chakka, then from left to right at the front, thats the Maanga and then the Thenga 🙂

First, lets talk about the Chakka… This is basically a Jackfruit Ice Cream… It has the natural colour of the Jackfruit and if you look closely, you can see small diced pieces of Jackfruit all over the Ice Cream…

Coming to the taste of this Ice Cream, I felt it to be mildly sweet… I could taste the Jackfruit really well… The Ice Cream itself felt to be incredibly creamy like a Gelato… I must confess that this is my first time tasting an Ice Cream made with Jackfruit and I found myself liking it even though I found it a bit weird at first… So, I guess this one is an acquired taste… However, once I got used to it and found myself liking it, I felt it to be a refreshing change compared to the usual Ice Creams that we get in Trivandrum…

Next up is the Maanga… Unlike the Jackfruit Ice Cream, this one is really not an Ice Cream but rather a sorbet… According to what they said, this one is special because they source the “best” Mangoes from Ratnagiri and just turn it into a Sorbet with no extra ingredient and that includes sugar as well… So, essentially this one has the honest natural taste of the Mangoes used and nothing else… 🙂

Now, to be frank, I felt this to be tasting exactly like Aamras but with no extra sugar added… Hence this is again a very mildly sweet sorbet… And it does indeed taste exactly like the Mangoes used and essentially feels like you are eating the Mangoes itself but yet all ground to a pulp and frozen to form the sorbet… 🙂 But at the same time, I think its the best option to cool ourselves in this summer heat… Incredibly refreshing… 🙂

And then finally we have the Thenga… This one is their Tender Coconut Ice Cream… It looks incredibly creamy and unlike the Maanga and like the Chakka, this one is also an Ice Cream and it again looked and felt like a gelato… 🙂

Coming to the taste, unlike the other two, this one is really sweet… I mean so sweet that it felt too sweet for me, I mean even after having the other two 🙂 Yet, I could taste the presence of the Tender Coconut throughout the Ice Cream with even pieces of Tender Coconut in it as well… However, I did also detect a subtle hint of White Chocolate in it as well… Not 100% sure though… Also, I found this to be the creamiest of the three options… So, altogether a great Ice Cream which I wish it was less sweeter… 🙂

Anyways, it was a peasant experience to try these three new flavours namely the Chakka, Maanga and Thenga and I am indeed looking forward to seeing more and trying more flavours from the place soon… 🙂


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