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Paul’s Creamery – Waffles and Milkshake

A few days ago, I happened to see a feature by Radio Mirchi on Paul’s Creamery, the new and in Ice cream shop here in Trivandrum… In that feature, they showed a new item on the menu which was called Waffles with Ferrero Rocher Ice cream, Nutella and Honey… On the very next day, I ended up going out with my mom for some shopping and after lunch, decided to drop by for dessert and I got the chance to have this new item…

This isn’t the first time I have been to Paul’s Creamery and I have always enjoyed their ice cream options which tastes incredibly awesome especially when you get to have them fresh off their gelato machine… This time, as I was placing the order for the waffles, I got recommended to try their White Chocolate Milkshake and so, these are what was ordered: White Chocolate Milkshake and Waffles with Ferrero Rocher Ice cream, Nutella and Honey… They arrived as shown in the pics below 🙂

So, first lets talk about the White Chocolate Milkshake… They claim it to be one of their signature options and it arrived as shown below… Essentially this is a thick milkshake made with White Chocolate…

First of all, what surprised me was simply how thick this milkshake was… It is by far the thickest milkshake I have ever had in Trivandrum and is quite close to the thick milkshakes I have seen in the US… Its incredibly rich and creamy with a very strong flavour of White Chocolate and not something you can drink easily because of how thick it is… My only problem with this milkshake was that its way too sweet than I would have preferred that I really couldn’t drink more than a few sips… Ofcourse for people who like very high levels of sweetness and the taste of White Chocolate, this is the drink for you… To give you the idea, each drop tastes more sweeter than Nestle’s Milkybar 🙂

The next up is the Waffles… As mentioned above, I went for the latest addition the menu as seen in the feature, namely Waffles with Ferrero Rocher Ice cream, Nutella and Honey… The Ferrero Rocher Ice cream is one of the Ice cream options they have where they make it with the famous Ferrero Rocher chocolate confectionary… As per the feature and as per the owner himself, they make authentic Waffles using the Waffle Iron that they imported themselves… So, essentially what got served as shown in the below pics is a single Waffle topped with a scoop of the Ferrero Rocher Ice cream and then further topped generously with Nutella (famous Italian brand of Hazelnut-Cocoa spread) and Honey and then they also sprinkled some powdered sugar as well on top…

First of all, the Waffles indeed tasted authentic… Being freshly made, it was incredibly crispy and lite and airy as how it should be… The Ice cream was incredibly rich and creamy with the taste of Chocolate and Hazelnut because of the Ferrero Rocher… Each bite of this further gives you a strong taste of the Nutella because as can be seen in the pics above, they have practically coated the whole thing in Nutella… Infact, the presence of the Nutella was so strong that I personally found it incredibly difficult to detect the presence of Honey… However it was indeed there… 🙂

The only problem however is once again the level of sweetness which personally to me was way more than it should be… My guess is that its the overwhelming amount of Nutella, along with the Honey was the reason… The Waffle by itself wasn’t that sweet but with everything each sweeter than the other, the overall level of sweetness added up… My suggestion to the management would be to either reduce the amount of toppings especially the Nutella and things should end up being better…

So, altogether despite of things being too sweet, it was a good experience to try the Waffles and I am looking forward to try the other Waffle options that they have very soon…

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