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Slice of Spice – Mushroom Chicken Soup, Al Ashrouf Triple X Breast and Rabri Falooda

Went to Slice of Spice again…. This time with the hope of exploring their menu further… Over the past couple of times I have been having the leg piece of the grilled chicken and after seeing too many good reviews on their breast piece options, I wanted to try it… Also, last time, I noted that they have two more kinds of Faloodas in the menu and thought of trying the same, but unfortunately they were not available… So, this time, went for their Mushroom Chicken Soup, Al Ashrouf Triple X Breast and then their Rabri Falooda for dessert…

The first to arrive was the Mushroom Chicken Soup… This essentially looked like the Chicken Soup I have had before but with mushrooms in it… But taste-wise definitely not so… Essentially, this was a soup consisting of their ever flavourful Chicken broth with pieces of Chicken, Mushrooms, Egg-White drop, Celeriac Stalks, Spring Onions, Chinese Cabbage, Carrots, Coriander, Ginger and Garlic and then seasoned with salt and pepper…

First of all, every ingredient in the soup was cooked really well… The broth had a really nice flavour of the mushrooms and also, from what I could detect, they seem to have added some curry powder as well in it… Overall, it felt like a nice soup, which I will be getting again when I go there in the future…

As I was done with the soup, the Grilled Chicken arrived… For those, who may be unaware, Slice of Spice is famous for their Grilled Chicken which they call as their Al Ashrouf Chicken… Essentially this is made by using their secret spices and herbs blend to marinate the chicken and is quite popular… I have tried both their Al Ashrouf and Rotsy spiced grilled Chicken Legs before (Click here and here for them)… This time went for the breast option after reading quite a bunch of reviews about it… They have two and among them, I went for the Triple X Breast which as the waiter explained is a sweet and spicy version rather than the purely spicy version otherwise… It arrived as shown in the pics below as piece of one whole breast of Chicken on a plate, served with some spicy salad, Garlic Mayo Dip and then the Spicy Mayo Dip…

I must confess that I was a bit nervous because based on my experience from quite a few months, pretty much every place has been ending up overcooking the Chicken Breast and making it tough and dry…. However, this was a pleasant surprise as I found the piece of Chicken to be quite moist and cooked perfectly… The taste of this Chicken was unique with that perfect combination of sweet and spicy… This when combined with the mayo dips given and the spicy salad took it to a whole new level… This is definitely an option that I am looking forward to have again… 🙂

Then once I was done with the Chicken, the dessert came, which was the Rabri Falooda… To be frank, I was a bit disappointed because I had hoped to try the other falooda options but only this one was available… I had already written about this Falooda is an earlier post (Click here to read about it)…

Even though my earlier experience with this Falooda ended up with some issues with the flavours, this time, I am happy to report that all those issues have been corrected… Now, there is a much better balance of flavours in this and nothing in it is in any way bland… Everything from the Rabri to theSemolina, the Fruits and Nuts and even the Butterscotch blobs made a lot more sense to me this time unlike before… To be frank, now its a falooda that I look forward to have again, even though I would request the team at Slice of Spice to start serving the other options too because a really good Falooda, like the ones that can be seen in Mumbai, is something thats actually missing here in Trivandrum…

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