Food @ Trivandrum

Paul’s Creamery – First Visit

Finally got the chance to visit the recently opened Paul’s Creamery, in Kowdiar, Trivandrum a few days ago… A cozy looking place indeed but found it almost completely packed with just one empty table which I could occupy 🙂 I have been hearing quite a hype about the place ever since they opened briefly for a private tasting event a couple of months ago… One of my friends were among those invited for it and so he kept on asking me to go and check it out since then… The place as can be seen from the external pic, does look like the cafes that we see abroad…

Now, I didn’t have any plan this time as even my friend who kept on asking me to go there never really gave me a tip on what to choose from the menu and so, essentially was going in blind… The menu on the black board behind the counter did seem a bit biased towards chocolate flavours and so, had to go off the menu since I was in no mood for Chocolate and the one non-chocolate option I found in the menu was a mixed berry sundae which too didn’t excite me on that day… So, I asked the server and browsed the ice-cream options… Among them the first thing to catch my eye is the Cheese Cake ice-cream… And then what caught my eye was the white chocolate ice cream… I was in no mood to chocolate as I mentioned, but as you may know, white chocolate is different… So, got a scoop each of both in a cup as shown in the pic below…


The one at the top is the Cheese Cake and the one at the bottom is the white chocolate… Taste-wise,  the cheese cake ice-cream reminded me of the Strawberry cheese-cake ice-cream thats sold by London Dairy as it tasted similar… Ofcourse the small pieces of cake thats there in the London Dairy was not present here but there was definitely a hint of strawberry flavour in it along with the taste of the cream cheese…  The level of sweetness was just right for me…

Now coming to the white chocolate ice-cream, I found it to be rich in the flavour of white chocolate and the whole ice-cream felt much more creamy than the cheese cake ice-cream… The only downside to the white chocolate ice-cream is that it was too sweet for me… I mean so sweet that it almost gave me a sugar-rush by the time I was done with it (Luckily I wasn’t the one driving back home from there 🙂 )…

On the overall, I find Paul’s Creamery to be a promising enterprise for all the ice-cream enthusiasts in Trivandrum… I could detect a distinct taste in both the ice-creams that made me wonder if these are in fact an attempt at making the famous kind of ice-cream called the Gelato… This is because that distinct taste and texture(especially in the white chocolate ice-cream) is something I have only seen in Gelato… I hope to ask them when I visit next time to confirm…  🙂

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