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Kunnil Marginfree Hyper Market: An Unexpected Twist

I have been a regular shopper at the Marginfree Hyper Market at Kunnil Heights in the NH47 bypass road in between the MGM school and the Infosys campus… I along with my parents have been regular visitors of the MRA bakery outlet inside the hypermarket as well, where we have had some unique malabari items, which sadly becomes available very very rarely these days… These days especially we have been going there just to get the packets of “Karachi Cookies” and their mini-jalebis which are amazing… We have been having the juices from there as well, from what they call as their “Cool Zone”… ๐Ÿ™‚ We also know that they sell other stuff like milkshakes and even icecream sundaes, but never tried any of it so far…

So, once upon a time on a heavily sunny and hot afternoon, I happened to visit the place and instead of the juice, thought of trying their milkshake (probably because I was like really close to getting a heat stroke on that day ๐Ÿ˜€ )… So, among the options, I opted for a chocolate milkshake and the guy there offered an option to make me a Chocolate “Sharjah Shake” and I agreed… For those who don’t know, the Sharjah Shake is the most popular kind of a milkshake in Kerala and its usually made by blending milk (usually frozen) with sugar, banana and nuts(usually peanuts, but can include others like cashews and almonds as well) to form whats similar to a smoothie… Various additional flavourings and topping are added depending on where you get it from… So,ย it took a few minutes for him to prepare and the end result really ended up surpising me…


As seen from the pics, it came in a glass as a thick shake topped with some of the chocolate powder he has used while making the milkshake… The flavour was absolutely rich with chocolate, the banana and nuts, which in this case, it was cashews and peanuts… Altogether very refreshing considering the hot day… The surprise was that I never expected it to taste so good compared to other places from which I have had the same thing… So, decided to try other options in coming visits…

So, after a few days, I had to go to the hypermarket again for groceries and this time, the guy at the bakery counter told me that they have a special milkshake on that day and told me that its Avocado… I have had avocado is salads and sandwiches before and once in a burger as well, but in the form of a milkshake… So, since it is a fruit that I don’t mind having, I went for it… This time it was just a milkshake and not a sharjah shake and so, just milk and sugar with avocado went in the blender… They put in half of an avocado for a single portion and again when the end result came, I was surprised…


Now this surprise was not because of the taste, but rather because of how it looked… As can be seen in the pic, I realised why they call this fruit as butterfruit as well, cause clearly, it looks like the glass in filled with butter… It even had the same texture and consistency as well… Taste-wise, it turned out to be rich in Avocado flavour as half an avocado has gone in for my glass of the milkshake and it is a milkshake that I will be having again… Another thing I liked about this particular milkshake is that its not too sweet… It had just the right amount of sweetness for me, unlike many of the other places who makes them way more sweet than this…

My next visit happened after a few weeks and this time I asked the guy to tell me what the special of the day is and he offered to do whats known as the “Saudi Shake”… The Saudi shake, for those who are unaware is very similar to the Sharjah Shake, but instead of the banana, they use dates in it… Sometimes you find people adding tutti frutti to it or cherries to it as well… But the version that I got from here is that classic version ie, blend of Frozen milk (they add some room temperature milk to aid the liquidising process), sugar, some nuts(again cashews and peanuts mix) and pretty much a handful of dates… I also saw him add a little bit of the chocolate powder to it as well…


The end result as can be seen turned out to be a really rich, creamy and smooth milkshake… If you love dates, then you really have to try this milkshake here… With each sip you get hit with a incredibly good flavour of dates along with the creaminess of the milk and the flavour of the nuts with a hint of that chocolate powder he added when making this… Definitely a must try if you like dates…

So, to conclude, this place serves some of the best milkshakes that I have ever had from anywhere I have been to… These are classic milkshakes that they make here and they definitely are the best versions of the same that I have seen so far… So, check it out… ๐Ÿ™‚

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