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Imperial Kitchen : Thai Fried Fish and Mee Goreng

Back to further exploring the menu of Imperial Kitchen… This time found two interesting dishes in the menu… Its the Thai Fried Fish and Mee Goreng…

The Thai Fried Fish is basically a tempura batter fried whole fish, which they let you select from their display and the price charged is based on the weight of the fish chosen… I basically went for the smallest one they had among the choices of Snapper, Basa and Pomfret… This batter fried fish is then sauted in a spicy and sweet garlic sauce and garnished with some spring onion…


The fish turned out to be incredibly crispy and the sauce is just awesome to have with any fried rice and noodles… This sauce to me felt like it would be great with things like momos, dimsums, spring-rolls, etc as well… Perfect balance of sweetness and heat with an abundance of garlic in it… Safe to say this is currently my favourite fried fish option… πŸ™‚ Also, the healthiest fried fish option as well, because of the way tempura style frying works… You see, in this method they use a thin batter and then when the fish is dropped in very I mean very hot oil, within a seconds, the batter gets fried and forms an air tight seal between the fish and the oil… So, the fish essentially gets steamed inside with not even a drop of oil getting inside the fish… Hence, if done right and excess oil drained off, you’ll get a completely dry and crip outerlayer with perfectly cooked and soft fish inside it with no trace of oil/fat at all πŸ™‚ And here they are then sauteing with the hot garlic sauce which then takes away any traces of oil/fat if remaining in the crispy batter layer and so its good news for the health conscious as well… πŸ™‚

Along with the fish, I decided to get some noodles and since I had Pad Thai last time, having some memories of the Nasi Goreng that I had some time ago from another place, I thought of going for its noodle equivalent namely the Mee Goreng… Its basically a Malay recipe having noodles with egg, seafood (fish, prawns and squid) and vegetables and then cooked with a tamarind based sauce and seasoned with powdered dried shrimp…


The noodle has a sweet and sour taste with a very subtle spicy component thanks to the seasoning with black pepper… There was also a hint of lemongrass as well… This is my current favourite noodle recipe…

Once again Imperial Kitchen has proven that they are really one of the best options especially for seafood based food in Trivandrum… Thats it for now… Will be continuing this exploration of their menu soon…

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