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All Spice – Biryani

I must mention first that I do end up being too busy sometimes to have this blog keep up with my activities… So, especially since food is a major part of this blog, I have made it a practice to take pics of what I eat from outside and note down a few words regarding them to help me remember and then create the posts… I have been a bit too busy lately and hence have got a few pending reviews to post here… So, this one and the next few posts are just that… These are all from a couple of weeks ago to more than a month ago… So, heres goes: pending post no: 1… 🙂

After going to Oriental spice for a couple of times, my next visit to the area prompted me to try All Spice again… And this time, after hearing about it from a friend of mine, the target is the Biryani… Along with that went for my favourite drink from the place called Orange Fizzy…

The Orange Fizzy is as discussed in my previous post, an ice cream float with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (softie one in this case) inside an orange soda (Mirinda if I am not mistaken)… This time too, because they used the softie ice cream, what got serve is more like a dunk rather than a float 🙂 However, this time I could take a much better pic of the same 🙂

The Biryani they have is a Malabari Biryani as per their menu… I went for the Chicken option and hence got served All Spice’s Malabari Chicken Biryani… Whats curious is the shape of the Biryani on the plate, which kind of made me wonder if they just unpacked one of the packed ones they have for sale downstairs in their bakery… Clearly it was not…

The biryani was served with some salad and a sweet and sour beetroot pickle/chutney… The biryani had flavours of the ginger-garlic paste, cinamon, pepper, aniseed, nutmeg with a slight smell of ghee and ofcourse the fragrance of the rice… However what dominated the taste was the sweetness of the carmelized onions…

To be frank, by itself the biryani felt quite average, with the dominating sweetness like I mentioned above… However, when you add in the beetroot pickle and the salad they give you, which is also not just raw vegetables but clearly infused with salt and lime juice and green chillies, something happens to the biryani that sort of masks most of the sweetness and opens up the rest of the flavours… Not sure how and why that happens, but I guess its one of nature’s mysteries… Kudos to the chef for exploiting that… 🙂

So, the biryani is definitely a must try at All Spice, but as I mentioned above, do not eat it without the pickle/chutney and salad that they give you…

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