Food @ Trivandrum

Oriental Spice – Tomato Egg-Drop Soup and Volcano Chicken

Back at Supreme’s Oriental Spice restaurant in Trivandrum after a meeting with a collegue of mine… As I have mentioned before, the Chinese and South East Asian food that they serve is incredibly good… The restaurant looked as impeccable as always and this time, I went for a couple of their specialty dishes from their menu, namely their Tomato Egg-Drop Soup and what they call the Volcano Chicken…

The Tomato Egg-Drop soup(pls excuse the lower quality image) used to be my favourite soup quite a while back when the restaurant named Chef Master used to exist near the Trivandrum Medical College… This is the first time I am seeing this soup in a menu since then and it really was an enjoyable treat… The soup is a sweet thick tomato soup with an egg dropped into it… You get the incredible flavour of finely chopped tomatoes and onions along with celery and poached egg bits… Only complaint is that to me it felt a little bit too sweet and I think I detected a taste of canned tomatoes in it (not 100% sure though), which I think could’ve been avoided…

Next came the Volcano Chicken…

This dish is essentially fried chicken strips cooked in scezhwan chilly, tomato and hot garlic sauce topped with an egg-white based sauce… The chicken is crispy and the sauce is hot, sweet and tangy at the same time… The egg-white sauce contributes to the sweetness component of the dish… Altogether a incredibly great snack to have in the evening if you ask me… Check it out… 🙂

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