Food @ Trivandrum

Meals at Ginger

Today went to the Hotel Ginger’s (near Technopark, Trivandrum) restaurant… I usually have their soups and Chinese stuff like fried rice, noodles, etc, which are awesome but today I decided to have a change and had their “Fish Thali”…


The Thali came as shown in the above pic, with some boiled rice, the daal, sambar, cucumber pachadi, coconut chutney, spicy ginger curry, rasam, sauteed cabbage, a mixed vegetable dry curry, curd, papadam and ofcourse the fish curry which is the star of the show here 🙂 For dessert you get a payasam and a banana…

The restaurant is run by a new team now and I can tell that its a huge improvement over what was there previously especially with the thali… Personally I think its the best fish curry thali in the area and one of the best in Trivandrum… Check it out 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S: Not sure if its a limited meal or not… Personally The quantity was just right for me and so, didn’t need to ask for seconds… Didn’t see anybody else ask either…

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