One More To The Engineering Cinematic Universe, Don: A Cent Mark Crowd Pleaser !!!

After Doctor, Shivakarthikeyan strikes back with another entertainer “Don”, directed by Cibi Chakravarthy co-starred by Samuthirakani, SJ Suryah and Priyanka Arul Mohan. Don is a blend of the ECU (Engineering Cinematic Universe) and the PCU (Paasam Cinematic Universe) but still manages to be a decent entertainer. It’s high time that writers really come out of their own engineering college nostalgia and go settle in some other kinds of colleges. Actually it’s my plea.


Chakaravarthi aka Don (Sivakarthikeyan) is in quest for his true talent. His father Ganesan (Samuthirakani) and his college principal Bhoominathan (SJ Suryah) are his foes. How Don manages to succeed is what makes the plot.

Direction & Screenplay

The debutant director Cibi Chakravarthy has packaged Don with all the contemporary pop culture references in a likeable pattern in the first half, and to an extent in the second half; and while he also mixes in a solid roller coaster emotional element in the second half, he does deliver interesting sequences one after the other. Cibi Chakaravarthy seem to have taken inspirations from his mentor Atlee as the grandeur and the knack for handling emotional scenes look to be very much from Atlee’s school of filmmaking.

Even though the film flatters during its final act, it glitches in letting the film finish in it’s climax as it clearly doesn’t work as easily as the recreations of the iconic scenes from Baasha or the nostalgic scenes from our own lives like teachers asking “is this a class or fish market”.


When Shiva Karthikeyan wins audiences with an impressive performance, SJ Suryah was completely a live wire. Samudirakani delivers an earnest performance and Priyanka Mohan is persented as a likeable one, who supports the protagonist. I think Shivangi should get an award for giving the most intolerable performance through out the movie.

Music , Cinematography

Anirudh gets into your heads even when unnoticed in the sequences of the movie. The background music had nothing that can be termed extraordinary until the final scenes. KM Bhaskaran’s frames were good as was the narration of the film.


Overall, Cibi’s Don is a wholesome package. Comedy, songs, fights, and emotions are served in the right proportion. Nothing spectacular about it but is indeed a cent mark crowd pleaser!!


Rating : 3.5/5

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