Doctor: An Enjoyable Movie Which Interestingly Makes Us Wait For Thalapathy’s Next Movie With Nelson Dilipkumar

After the huge success of Kolamavu Kokila (CoCo), Director Nelson Dilipkumar again, puts an effort to place a serious situation to then treat it with dark comedy. If last time it featured Nayanthara as “Kokila”; this time Sivakarthikeyan was selected to portray a potential professional who profoundly lacks emotions and executes his operations in a very perfect way as he is a “military Doctor”.

The face of protagonist is like as if it is a frozen person, with a placidity that is this new avatar of SivaKarthikeyan, who doesn’t even say a witty line or perform happily. As the treatment and the structure of the entire plot are quirky, all those mundane sequences seems to have been tried to be elevated by Dilipkumar, as the plot is so predictable. Essentially, Dilipkumar whips up yet another deliciously wicked dark comedy that makes you laugh out like hell.

For the most part, it felt like the director easily managed to evoke laughter in otherwise very serious situations. Also the train sequences was so inventive and extremely wacky at the same time. The entire first half crackles with humours even though the film appeared to loose the plot in the second half.

Amongst the bunch of comedians, Redin Kingsly’s style and presentation, especially during the end moments made him the star of this film, with his distinct style going extremely high pitched and over the top. I felt like the writer has effectively used him against Yogi Babu who absolutely is in a terrific form through out the film. Also Deepa Shankar along with Sunil Reddy and Shiva had done their part well with their absolutely awesome timings performing with such witty lines.

Priyanka appeared to have had done an edgy performance in the movie starting from the first scene where she rejects Sivakarthikeyan. The late Arun Alexander along with Archana Chandoke, Milind Soman, Sreeja Ravi, Raghu Ram (Roadies fame), Rajiv Lakshman (Roadies fame), Vinay Ray and Ilavarassu appeared to have done their part perfectly.

The score and Songs by Anirudh Ravichander, lit a bloom up in the theatres and felt like it enhanced each scene. Each frame in this 148 minutes running movie is catchy and cooler to both of the eyes . Cinematographer Vijay Kannan need a special applause for creating such a great treat for the eyes.

Though Editing is a thankless job, I thought of the editor R. Nirmal while watching the action sequences in the train and was again reminded of how an editor is equally important to make such scenes to be a laughter riot.

Over all

Doctor is an enjoyable dark comedy and makes us wait for Nelson Dilipkumar’s Beast, starring Vijay.


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