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A Breakfast Spread From Spicehaus

Today morning we felt a bit lazier than usual and so decided to order in our breakfast… Having enjoyed food from the lunch menu of Spicehaus very much, I had been meaning to try the breakfast options from there and so this felt like the perfect opportunity for the same… Mom was craving for Idiyappam today and so was relieved to see that its available along with her favourite Kadala Curry as well… So, we chose that along with a set of Poori Masala for my dad and then some Appam and Egg Roast for myself… Since I was not sure about the quantities of any of them, I also added a set of Bread Omelette to be safe… πŸ™‚ So, the pic below shows the entire spread and we ended up sharing and tasting everything…

Our Breakfast Spread from Spicehaus

So, first of all, lets talk about the break Omelette… As per the menu, its a double-egg plain Omelette served with 2 slices of Bread… It arrived as shown in the pic below where the two slices of bread were pretty much wrapped using the Omelette… πŸ™‚

Bread Omelette from Spicehaus

Regarding the taste, there was a good fragrance of Butter as I opened the package… The Bread was nice, soft and definitely one of the better tasting slices of bread that I have had recently and the Omelette was indeed fluffy… However, I think the amount of salt in the Omelette could’ve been a tiny bit reduced and the amount of pepper increased by a bit too (just my personal preference)…

Next up is the Idiyappam and Kadala Curry… It really had been a long time we got idiyappams… Last time, we had tried and loved their Kadala Varattiyathu so, this time since its idiyappam for which we prefer a curry with more gravy, we went for the Kadala Curry… They arrived as shown in the pics below…

The idiyappam reminded me of those from the place near our home, we used to buy them from almost regularly, before all the Covid-19 lockdowns, etc started… Left us wondering if the staff who made this used to work there earlier πŸ™‚ These idiyappams were fluffy and al-dente at the same time by which I mean its incredibly soft but won’t melt in the mouth and needs some chewing… Its the texture that I love in idiyappams personally… The Kadala curry was just awesome with a great flavour of roasted coconut, shallots, chillies and curry leaves… It was spicy but not too much…

Next up is their Poori Masala set which as per the menu consisted of 3 Pooris with a portion of Potato Masala as shown in the pics below…

The Pooris were nice and soft… Its clear that when they made it, it had puffed up like a ball and was crispy (of-course you can’t expect the same by the time it reaches home but still you can tell from its texture)… The potato masala felt to be perfectly cooked and seasoned just right as well making the taste of each of its ingredients like potatoes, carrots, green beans etc visible to the tastebuds… I am hoping to get this again for myself next time…

Last but not the least is the one that was intended for myself, which was the Appam and Egg roast… I didn’t go for the combo but bought them separately like I did with the Idiyappams cause we needed more than what the combo offered… So, from the menu, since I saw the number of eggs mentioned in the bread omelette, I ended up assuming that there would be only one egg per portion of the egg roast and so I ordered for two portions… Turned out that they serve two eggs per portion and hence the bigger bowl as can be seen in the spread pic πŸ™‚

For some reason most places tend to not get Appams right and there are only very few exceptions in Trivandrum and these appams are definitely one of them… They were slightly moist and incredibly soft and fluffy at the same time with a slight sweetness in taste (most places get it wrong and appams end up being too aerated, dry and sour which is just not how they are supposed to be)… The egg roast was again awesome for me… The eggs were cooked perfectly but the highlight of this curry is not the eggs in my opinion but rather that incredible paste of caramelised onions, tomatoes and chillies that formed the base of the Egg Roast is undoubtedly the best I have seen in a long time… The flavours were just awesome with the addition of the curry leaves, turmeric and the red chilly powder and ofcourse the garlic and mustard in between all of them… That semi gravy can be eaten as it is with the Appams and I felt it worked equally well with both Idiyappam and Poori as well… So, the egg pretty much felt like a topping here for me this time… This egg roast is a must try and I am hoping to get it again next time too…

So, altogether it was a great breakfast for us as we loved every bit of it… Sadly, good options for breakfast especially serving Naadan food has been practically non-existent in my area and so we are glad that Spicehaus ended up being an exception… There are a few more from the breakfast menu that we are yet to try… Hopefully soon πŸ™‚

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