Dark Timeline – The Beginning Of The First Cycle In First Two Seasons


  • January 8: Photograph of an elderly Noah along with the Sic Mundus travellers were taken.
  • June 21: Pathways being built by the teenager Noah along with another person inside the caverns. Noah kills the other person on orders from the elderly Adam because that person lost his faith. The elderly Adam advises Noah about preserving and protecting faith. Elderly Jonas asks adult Noah to find the missing pages from the Triquetra notebook.
  • June 23: From 2053, the teenager Noah travels to 1921, following which the child Agnes, takes Jonas along with the teenager Noah to Erna’s house.
  • June 24: Elderly Adam gets told a lie that elderly Claudia (White Devil) does not have the pages of Triquetra. At the same time, Jonas ensures that the wound is treated with medicines and gets up and goes toward the caverns. But after the teenager Noah informs that the caverns won’t be ready for 32 years, both adult and teenager Noah together take the teenager Jonas to Adam, following which they realise that Adam is none other than Jonas himself.
  • June 25: Teenager Jonas asks Adam for answers. When asked about Sic Mundus, he explains that Sic Mundus exists for “starting a war against God and Time”. Following that, Adam ie, Teenager Jonas show the God Particle that they created and explains that it will help break the 33 year old cycle. Teenage Jonas uses the God Particle to travel to 2019 to stop Micheal from committing suicide. He shows that he has the St. Christopher Medal. Elderly Magnus asks the elderly Adam why he did not inform the teenager Jonas about the role of the St. Christopher Medal.
  • June 27: Adult Noah talks about his role to the teenager Noah, according to which the teenager Noah then goes to year 2020. Adult Noah confront Adam with the missing pages of the Triquetra and attempts to kill him, but gets killed by the adult Agnes. Elderly Magnus and elderly Franzika create the God Particle to be sent to year 2020.


The plans to build the power plant begins.

  • November 5: Eric’s body from 1986 appears in 2019. Adult Helge disposes the body at the nuclear power plant site.
  • November 9: Adult Helge disposes the body of Yasin at the same nuclear power plant site.
  • November 10: yasin and Eric’s bodies get discovered at the construction site. Adult Ulrich Nielson travelled from 2019 to 1953. Adult Agnes and child Tronte moves to Winden and joins the Tiedemann family, tutoring the child Claudia, the daughter of Egon Tiedemann and Doris Tiedemann along with the child Helge. Claudia, Helge and the dog Gretchen start to show the newly arrived Tronte around town but because of Helge, Gretchen disappears after running into the cavern and then reaches adult Claudia in 1986. Adult Ulrich leaves and forgets his phone at adult Tannhaus’s shop and then tries to kill the child Helge and abandons him in a bunker.
  • November 11: Adult Egon Tiedemann arrests Ulrich for the murders of Yasin and Eric and also kidnapping of child Helge. Child Helge wakes up at the bunker. Elderly Claudia (White Devil) meets adult Tannhaus and instructs him to create a machine to fix the timeline.
  • November 12: Ulrich gets beaten up by Police. Time portal opens at Winden. Child Helge travels to 1986 thru the worm hole. Agnes and Doris start a relationship with each other.


  • June 22: Claudia’s time machine from 1986 gets buries at the elderly Claudia’s yard.
  • June 23: Child Claudia discovers the relationship between Agnes and Doris. At the same time, Noah and child Helge returns home, but seeing his behaviour to be strange, Greta asks adult Noah to help him and encourage him to talk to him. Child Tronte and child Claudia starts a relationship with each other.
  • June 24: Agnes meets elderly Claudia at the bunker and receives instructions to betray adult Noah. She tells Noah that elderly Claudia has the missing pages of the Triquetra and demanded that she be taken back to Sic Mundus for this information. Egon visits adult Ulrich in prison. Elderly Claudia meets adult Egon and asks for forgiveness and then meets adult Tannhaus and gives him the book that he will write in the future. Adult Noah meets elderly Claudia who says that Adam’s paradise is a lie, in front of the bunker and kills her. He then sees the pages that were with Claudia and then gets worried knowing about Charlotte.
  • June 26: The body of elderly Claudia gets examined and she gets suspected on being involved with Ulrich in the kidnapping of Helge. Hence Egon asks about elderly Claudia to Helge. He mentions about hearing her being called as the White Devil. In between all this, adult Hanna reaches from 2020 and goes to Egon’s office to find Ulrich and reaches the Psychiatric Hospital and finds him and asks him to choose between her and Katharina. He chooses her but she refuses to believe him. Hanna leaves Ulrich and decides to stay in 1954. In the end, Hanna and Egon starts a relationship with each other.


Power plant receives the approval for construction to begin.

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