Forensic – One Of The Best Thrillers In Malayalam Cinema


When you hear that a thriller is coming in Malayalam, expectations are high. Anjaam Paathira and now this. “Forensic”, joins the not so big list of thriller movies in 2020.

Anas Khan and Akhil Paul have launched their first film venture thru this movie. Tovino as Medico Legal Advisor Samuel Kattukarna and Mamata Mohandas as Police Officer Ritika Xavier. What makes the film most engaging is the background music of Jakes Bijoy. Western music is usually the most important part of ​​thriller films anyways.

Coming to the story, as mentioned by the movie’s tagline as the Science of A Crime, the scientific methodology of criminal investigation has been portrayed in detail. While some of the crucial points of the story doesn’t meet the expectations of the audience, the movie does indeed present a nice viewing experience in the theatre.

As the name implies, the film focuses more on the forensic science, but it felt exaggerated as we see the “hero” played by Tovino is the only one who is shown to be capable of investigating. The most funny part is the investigation of the kidnapping case towards the beginning. Ofcourse with the film having the name “Forensic” and having the hero who is a Forensic Investigator, it is indeed not a surprise to see that it is the hero who figures out the lead and successfully complete the investigations. Ofcourse, we have seen that phenomenon in pretty much all psycho thrillers including Ratsasan as well.

The biggest merit of this film is that contrary to what we usually see where the role of any forensic officer is restricted to just taking or handing over a file, the audience can finally understand the depth and importance of their role in real criminal investigations. All actors did perform well even though none of the roles including the hero’s was in any way particularly challenging. The performance of child actors were good too.

The script indeed felt flawed in terms of logic. However, the pace of the film appears to cover them up. Thankfully, this film does not do the silly thing where we are made to bear with the unnecessary emotional rollercoaster of a flashback filled with emotions, of the psycho villain. In a thriller film, typically what keeps the audience hooked is the background music and Jakes Bejoy has done the job really well. The artwork felt good as well.


If we ignore the flawed logic in the script, the film is definitely worth watching in the theatres. Thriller enthusiasts should definitely watch.

Verdict – 4/5

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