Its Not A Film That Lets You Go Easy, Chhapaak Turned Deepika’s Matured Performance To Be The Career Best

You may believe in any political stands, doesn’t matter – all have the freedom for that. But to reject an art for a political party, just says about the sucking ideology that party has……. Even the makers have full freedom to make a craft. Then it was Patmavat now its Chapaakk. Then it was about a track “Ghoomar”, now its because the lead actor supported a set of people who believes in constitution and fights to save it, then suddenly it changed towards the characters. People stated (The so called IT cell) that in real life a muslim had thrown said and when it come to reel life it became a hindu…. For all who protest, boycott or spread negative on the movie, let me remind you of one thing: The makers might go for an online screening or a tv screening since the movie had bagged the rights already. You can’t boycott all these stuffs and if so, for how many days ??? Ohh !!! I think you may go to their office and beat them up??? Thats so kind of you !!! I don’t say you not to believe in a particular ideology but not be so dumb n’ deaf that even you can’t make what’s real and what’s fake. Also no art is mortal, since it lives through the creature until life persists in this universe.

Chhapaak is a biographic docu-fiction by Meghna Gulsar after the movie “Raazi” which was very much acclaimed by the critics and the audience. The movie portrays the real life acid attack survivor Lakshmi Agarwal who rose like a phoenix bird and symbolises strength and courage for many acid attack survivors. The movie, which had a documentary appeal in presentation, has a duration of 120minutes, featuring Deepika Padukone in the lead as “Malthi” who is now an acid attack survivor and searches for job, meets Amol (Vikrant Massey) eventually in an NGO.

Gulzar’s Chhapakk is a movie with no colourful production, no slow-mo entertainment package, no tie breaking love lives or with any magnifying duet numbers by the protagonists; if you are expecting these, please step back. This movie which is taken live, makes the audience pass through each and every nuke of emotional barriers and makes them fall into the hell of those horrible attacks. Sequences which feature motivation, rise of the protagonist, the come back attitude, all were well written – without writing even a single mass dialogue. They are further felt by certain shots and background scores as well and the crew has won in getting the character into her triumph which is guaranteed to let the audience experience goosebumps on a theatre watch.

Going with the minor details, Gulzar and her crew made a realistic film on an acid attack survivor and its very much visible while watching each shot. Frames set by Malay Prasad was extremely brilliant and had succeeded in showing the brightest past of Malthi in the second half and the dullest intoxicated present shown in the first half and had continuously used a low light – mostly darker colour palette which is the best cinematographic contrast one could ever make !

The movie has two songs which is more situational and the background scores elevates the darks and black thoughts of a girl being lost of all hopes and regaining her lost attitude towards life – makes an amazing experience to watch the movie at the theatres.

The love track written was so soft that any one could feel the vibe between the two. Even though there they had a manageable space of melodrama, the screenplays written have maintained a pretty decorum throughout and the cuts gave a flow. The screen plays are the back bone of the movie. The best ever thing in the movie is that it never felt directed by a person as everything was so lively – the emotional breakdown, the victory on banning acid, falling for love etc. The combination sequences of Deepika and Vikrant was the only happiest phase on portraying and was a relief from horrific harsh reality of the situations mentioned grossly on the movie.

Deepika Padukone on the other hand being a directors actress in her previous film, had now turned to a method actress with a matured character who had lost belief in herself at times ie, a girl who pretended to be happier ever and a strong woman who wanted to fight for her survival and gain her happiness. Vikrant Massy on the other hand was cool and their combination sequences was very light, lively and lovely. Vishal Dahiya and Ankit Bisht did their part well.

Overall: As a Malayali audience, after the benchmark set by Parvathi Thiruvoth and the entire crew of the movie “Uyare” (check it out here), there is a slight possibility to assess or to have a comparison with this movie. But Chhapakk is an inspiring lively movie, with zero cinematic elements, and you can witness so many good performances throughout the movie.

Verdict: 4/5, A Must Watch.

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