Fall In Love With A Cute Robot: Kunjappan, A Realistic Feel Good Scifi From Malayalam

Sci-fi threads in Indian movies was actually initiated by Shankar’s “Enthiran-The Robot”, produced within a limit of 125 crores had historical collections at cinemas which further made the creators to go for a sequel but eventually failed at the Northern parts of India. Iff “Enthiran” and “2.0” were strictly on a fantasy mode, Suraj Venjarammud, Soubin starrer Android Kunjappan Version 5.25, is completely treated combining both fantasy and reality were the director combined both emotion and humor as the basic expressions of the leading characters.


Bhaskara Poduval (Suraj Venjarammud), an old man who is very difficult to deal with doesn’t wants his son Subrahmaniyan (Saubin) an Engineering graduate to take up his job as he is only interested a job from his own hometown. Situations arose and Subramanyan finally decides to get the offer from a Japanese company and goes while Bhaskara, continues driving away all the home nurses appointed by Subramanyan and finally, Subramanyan is compelled to bring a Robot to take care of his father.

Direction – Screenplay

As a first attempt of Ratheesh Balakrishna Poduval, the film marks the entry of the director with neat shots. Tight scripts of the movie had managed to hit the interesting plot and further packages a dozen of fun and emotional quotient sequences which makes an admirable debut of the screen writer. Capturing the nook and corner of the village lives set up in Kannur, a man living in an old fashioned house, who lives devoid of any machines except mobile are the peaks in the movie.

Capturing the emotions of the protagonist towards the end was an intelligent move to cover up the clueless end given, and were the heartwarming sequences from the movie, especially the climax. From the caricature of each character to bringing back the lustrous village beauty again at cinemas, the Director cum writer had made his maximum effort which is quite appreciated.

Music – Background Score

Keen scores by Bijibal does connect with the emotional range of the protagonist and make us feel along with Bhaskara Poduval who misses his son, who loves Kunjappan and also helped to connect a strong vibe towards the humanoid through out the movie. His songs were apt for the situations specially the song which comes in the second half.

Sound Design – Editing

The movie has a quality sound design and had managed to balance both sync sound as well as dubbed tracks to put along which makes a work watch at theaters. Edit by Saiju Sreedharan was polished and had helps audience to construct a connection with the characters.


Frames by Sanu Joseph Varghese make each of us travel back to those frames used by SKumar in Sathyan Anthikad movies and those shots shot at Russia reminds us the materialistic world where people works for machines infact as machines as priorly said by Chaplin in his epic work “Modern Times”.


Complete show was stolen by Suraj Venjarramud by delivering affecting performance as an old man yearning his own son to talk, to be with and to give a company. Saubin Shahir, with a limited screen space had given an impressive performance of a 34 year old Engineering graduate who is jobless but cares for his father was wall hitting. Kendy Zirdo with her smile and presence made a great debut. Saiju Kurup had a well built comic timing and which was appreciable. Mala Parvathy done her best.


Must watch among 2019. Gem of the year.

Verdict: 4/5

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