This season: Tamil Cinema Ruled By An Edgy Thrilled Multiple Gooseflesh Moments From Kanakaraj’s ‘Kaithi’

During 2017, it was Theeran – Adhikaram Ondru and 2018 it was Ratchasan where the makers made audience, amped up tensions and lend an edge of the seat, vibe, through out. But this time, it was from Lokesh Kanakaraj who is already on the spotlight for “Thalapathy 64” – by bringing a spooky, wall to wall scripts and performance and one of the career best from Karthi.


A prisoner on parole who’s one his way to meet his daughter, is then enlisted by a badly injured cop to safeguard a force where all are intoxicated and being followed by thugs and goons all the way.

Direction – Screenplay

Kaithi is more a director’s movie than a screenplay writer’s which is a tree-blue genre action packed entertainer and even proved a fact that its not a big deal to produce films with high star cast, crew or rather a heroine or with an item dance sequences.

Unlike any other movie, it took 20 minutes to show the Intro for the leading protagonist and within this leap Kanakaraj had made the movie fallen on the track. The tight first half and the emotional sequences made no traces of previous traits of Karthi which was well maintained in the movie through out make any one say that this is purely a director’s cut.

Looking to the screenplay made by Lokesh himself, it employs effective narration and gives dignity in presenting the thugs and goons which should be appreciated. No character was unwanted and blending emotional connections between the characters, the script and dialogues maintained the clutter rather than presented in the recent potboilers.


Golden fleecing from the sand quarry, sparks from burning chariot, bamboo hit – each single shot was a lit with yellow prominent shaded colour pallet and his play with yellow lights which was previously seen from National Award winning Cinematographer Thiru. Sathyan Sooryan, had marked tension in the air and tried hard to elevate each scene and stands effectively in mind, even after the movie ending. Interior shots specially during the second halves were stunning and nothing looked artificial.

Action – Editing – Vfx

First half is filled with multiple goose bump moments and the insane stunt choreography by Anbarivu and had a fresh approach in his action sequences.

Editing in the first half was packed but towards climax lost its polishing effects and lead to an unnecessary drag felt in the ballot gun scene. Vfx was up-to the mark starting from introducing The Adaikalam gang towards the audience and the climax shots was blended.

Music – Background Scores

Scores by Sam CS in Kaithi was pathbreaking and also wall to wall hitting pieces. The song which was set at the beginning had successfully made everyone put into the track of anxiety and perfectly implied what actually the script demands.


Picturing a prisoner who is back to see his daughter, face emotionally broken down husband who lost his wife, facing challenging situations to transport the cop’s safety, had done well with a much matured manner but giving no resemblance with Paruthiveeran. It’s happy to say Narein is back with an arresting performance.

Sai Dheena should be mentioned because his timing on jokes in serious situations, brings lightness to the plot and he had given his best in the emotional sequences. Tenpremental brother of Adaikkalam – Anbu by Arjun Dass with his voice modulation and performance; the interpid police constable Nepolien by George Mariyan the gang of college students, Arun Ranana as Tips, Ram as Amjath did well in the movie.


A must watch movie in Theatres. Verdict 4/5.

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