From A Fanboy To Directing His Icon – Does Atlee Repeat The Magic

Its been one year since the announcement and all fan boys and fan girls across the country have been waiting for Thalapathy Vijay’s magic Bigil which has been written and directed by his all time fan boy Atlee Kumar, this time, conveying a theme which is strong enough and always has its importance in the present society.

Direction – Screenplay

Atlee, other than his directorial extravaganza, is known for his admiration for Thalapathy Vijay. His Third film with Vijay BIGIL, hits the Bull’s eye and can be considered as the best among his “His Thalaivar Trilogy”. There is a certain template for a Vijay film, Bigil is no different. But the story and screenplay stays strong that the poignant subject he intends to deliver hits the mark. Atlee again proves his strength in handling and capturing emotions. Screenplay by Atlee & S. Ramana Girivasan is strong enough, but since it is a Vijay starrer a bit of formula sprinkling over it has it’s advantages and disadvantages.


Vijay excels in his usual turf with charismatic presence. Vijay as Michael aka Bigil is no different from his previous roles. But the audience’s spotlight remains on the Father character Rayappan, an aged but fiery gangster who stammers. Vijay has done it with ease and makes it memorable. After Jeevanandham in KATTHI, he attempts to step out of his comfort zone. Rayappan, himself deserves a stand alone film and Atlee should consider the possibilities.


After MERSAL Atlee colloborates with G.K Vishnu. Cinematography by G.K Vishnu helps in elevating the extravaganza, at the same time serves the story well. First time in Tamil cinema Bigil is the first movie to use ARRI ALEXA LA as an everyday camera. He captures the Football matches with ease. His aesthetics are evident in the hit charted songs like SINGAPENNEY, VERITHARAM .G.K Vishnu is here to stay.


Except the action blocks, Editing by Ruben remains solid. Action blocks should be fluid enough for the audience to grasp what is on screen. Ruben has tightened the screenplay with his cuts.

Music – Background Scores

ARR strikes again with his magical vibes of music and SINGAPENNEY and MATHARE are must theatre experiences which are highly recommended. Like his previous works 2.0 and Sarkar (except “Sarvam Thala Mayam”), in Bigil as well, a spoon feeding technique had been adopted which cannot be digested by some people but overall suited the feel which was relevant for the situations.

Overall Verdict

Slow paced first half followed by a second half packed with strong emotional sequences and so called “VERITHARAM” scenes. If you are a Thalapathy fan it won’t disappoint you !!

Verdict: Watchable, 3/5

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