Is Namma Vettu Pillai Certainly A Path Breaking Making By Pandiraj On His Village Series Set ???


Its all set for the Diwali time and high time for celebrations. Tamil cinema is all set for the big releases. After Mr Local, Sivakarthikeyan who apparently known as SK by the Kollywood again ties up with family audiences favourite director Pandiraj for the very first time for the film “ Namma Veetu Pillai” along with one of the leading production house “Sun Pictures” portraying Aiswarya Rajesh , Anu Immanuel and Suri in the lead.



Arumpon (Sivakarthikeyan), a struggling young man who lost his father in his childhood wants his sister Tulsi (Aiswarya Rajesh) to be get married to a good family and is only supported by his Grandfather Arulmozhi (Bharathiraja) and his mother since Tulsi was an adopted child. Finally Arumpon is forced to accept Tulsi’s alliance with a known mobster of the village Ayyanar (Natarajan Subramanium) with whom Arumpon is in dispute with.


Direction – Screenplay

Pandiraj after a commercially successful “Kadaikutty Singham” had set a 10 minute narration on the patriarchies through Arulmozhi and this even continues in the first 15 minutes of the second half, making one realise about the conflicts with the Arulmozhi family. Highly emotional quotient sequences with a little bit of sensible comedies have been kept in between the entire film along with rom com situations, making clear that the makers were well planned with the type of audiences targeted and have succeeded in the same.


The first half was slow but was clearly depicted to show the shades of different sets of people around the protagonist and the challenges faced by him to get his sister to marry some good guy. The “Annan-thangachi paasam” had been clearly narrated by a single scene in the first half. This is a typical “Tamil Nadu village story” and the screenplay too suggests that in various scenes, where nothing new was written and instead there were lots of cliches and sentiments. The best thing about the director is that he never completely depended on ShivaKarthikeyan which was all good about Namma veet pillai.



Editting of Ruben made me remember the scenes of typical “Hari” movie where lots of festivities, dances, fights would be seen, but nothing new could be noticed and were a bunch of cliches in the both halves of the movie. The cuts could be more polished since melodrama was more which may make someone think of carrying a handy piece with them.

Music and scores

The 51 minutes duration track was so good and “En Annan”, “Mylanchi” tracks would be hummed by people even after watching the movie. D.Immans scores were pucca, perfect to the situations and that made the best part of the film which contained soulful village tune.


Since its a 40 crore budget movie and obviously people might be thinking of shooting romantic songs abroad, may be out of trust on Nirav Shah, Pandiraj opted villages for his shoots and was very well captured by the Cinematographer. Both dry shades and dark shades given to both Interiors as well as exteriors remains us of thinking the typical “Gramam”.



Anu Immanuel had nothing much to do except to perform well the songs. Aiswarya Rajesh was completely exploited by the script given and the sentimental sequences of Sivakarthikeyan, which were extremely good. Soori’s best performance was seen, but very much sad on Yogi Babu since he had no relevance on this film expect standing with the villain who character was unwritten and wrapped in the first half. Bharathiraja, Pashupathi, Vela Ramamoorthy, Nataraja Subhramanian were solid and have done their part well. Special mention should be given to “Anbukarasu” for his dialogue delivery.


Overall verdict

If you love the stories set up in a Village and if you are very fluent with Tamil its your cup of tea rather watch this movie with a handkerchief or with a soap opera loving darling near you.

Verdict: 3/5

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