Pucca Entertaining First Half With Strong Emotional Quotient In The Second Half : Ittymaani, A Slow Starter Drama, Takes Its Path Off Slowly


It has been half a year of celebrating “Lalism” – after the ever time blockbuster “Lucifer”. This was Mohanlal’s biggest Onam release after a while with no hypes given by the teasers, trailers and songs.


Born in China, Manikkunel Ittymani (Mohanlal) returns to his home town situated in Kunnamkulam at the age of 10 and after his father Ittymathan’s (A martial arts trainer) demise he takes up the responsibility of his family, who taunt his credentials as a “duplicate” and one fine day, gets into controversy with their neighbour Annamachi (Radhika Sharathkumar).


Direction- Screenplay

The writers of the 50 crore clubbed Malayalam move “Munthiri Vallikal Thalirkkumbol” starring Mohanlal, Meena, Anoop Menon, Shrinda in the lead had taken into heart by many of the family audience within a very short period. The duo writers turned director debutants in this movie, also try the same formula for the family audiences with an entirely different plot narrating a drama cum comedy. The first half of the movie is as smooth as butter but the second half is a little bitter. The duo has tried their best to engage the audience by comedies, but in the second half it was more on the clumsy side, as dramatic sequences were predominant. Unnecessary scenes were highlighted in the second half but it was perfect in the first half. The film had a very good and in-fact an unexpected interval block, but further, the director duos failed to show that crispiness. As a first attempt and placing sequences which are emotional quotient, its clear that the makers did target the family audience.


Casting was perfect. The younger Theeyyama in the song doesn’t look like a misfit cast. Also Harresh Kannaran as Pothen, his mother and sister had some facial similarly which make others say both Honey rose and Harriesh are siblings.

Music & Background Score

The title song that was given to narrate the childhood was good, but the second song didn’t feel so. The songs by Deepak Dev and Kailas Menon were good at its sounding. The movie had an engaging BGM that helped the audience to sit engaged for the second half.

Cinematography and Editing

Visuals by Shaji Kumar was good in highlighting the mood of the movie. The editing by Sooraj felt like it needs more polishing since people felt more drag in the second half specially the climax sequences.



Mohanlal saved his grace throughout, specially counting the spontaneous timing playing comic tracks. Sidhique stood out specially in the introduction part of the character Father John Paul. KPAC Lalitha and Radhika Sharathkumar became the backbone and Honey Rose’s character pretty much had no importance. The comedy tracks handled by Salim Kumar, Aju Vargheese, Hareesh Kannaran and Dharmajan, was indeed a bit relaxing.



First half is cool, second half is a bit lagging like we see in the soap operas from the mini screens of Malayalam and it’s evident that the makers targeted the entire family audience this festive season. Its a onetime watchable movie with family and only with family.

Verdict: 2.75/5

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