Reasons to watch “Shibu” in Theatres


We had so many Superstar fan oriented movie and all that started with Dileep starrer movie “Rasikan” by Lal Jose written by Murali Gopi . After that the decade had witnessed several characters who has extreme laudation towards their Superstars . In this series there comes the next one “Shibu” and here are the reasons to watch this movie on the nearest theatres.

1. Teaser & Trailer

The teaser was so promising and had given a rough idea on the making of the movie. Freshness was found in both teaser and the trailer which narrates the love story between struggling film aspirant and a Doctor which is actually new to Malayalam industry.

2. The songs

After the musical hit “Aanandam”, “Oraayiram Kinavukal” in Malayalam and “Kadhayondu Shuruvagide” in Kannada, Sachin Warrier is back with another flick along with Vignesh Basker working on the soundtracks and background scores respectively.

3. Editing

After Mamooty starter movie The Great Father and Saubin starer movie Sudani from Nigeria, Noufal Abdullah is back with Shibu and makes higher expectations on this film to be watched at the Big screens.


4. Comedy

The cast including Salim Kumar, Bijukkuttan, Vinod Kovur, Kochu Preman offers a great comic combo which actually marks that this movie is a complete entertaining one.


5. The Lead

The movie introduces new face Karthik Ramakrishnan as the protagonist who is actually a film aspirant trying his luck in the industry and the female protagonist is done by Anju Kuriyan – a doctor where we see both of them romancing.


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