Luca: A Killer Slow Poison of Love

When A boy saying “being messy is decorative”, falls for a girl who is very concerned about her own public space, has a dull childhood and wants a safest place; has been well narrated in Tovino Thomas starrer movie Luca directed by Arun Bose written by the director and co-written by Mridul George, produced under the banner of Stories and thoughts co – starred by Ahaana Krishna, Nithin George, Vinitha Koshy, Thalaivasal Vijay, Jaffer Idukki, Rajesh Sharma, Srikanth Menon.



The movie sites the love story of Luca (Tovino Thomas) and Niha aka Niharika Baneerji (Ahaana Krishna) and how it influences a divorce seeking couple CI Akbar (Nithin George) and Fathima (Vineetha Koshy).


Direction – Screenplay

The director didn’t show any sign of doing his first film as it was well made and pitched each character to the audience. Choosing and fixing cast was perfect. More over as a director’s movie, “Luca” actually holds good the title of “A Writer’s Movie”. Arun Bose, the director who have also written the scripts with the co-writer Mridul George had written it in a layered manner connecting the love story of Luca – Niharika as parallel to Akbar – Fathima where their situations are in extreme contrast by adapting a non-linear way of narrating both lives. Each character had depth and was well written.


Cinematography – Art Direction – Editing – The heart of Luca

Each close ups, each long shots of Luca – Niharika segments, had magical visuals and was boosted by the art department. Nimish Ravi, though it was his first attempt, didn’t show any flaws. Recreating Binale, making a messy art home, elevated the visuals of the movie. The contrast of capturing conflicted couple during rainy nights and shooting an energetic, zestful couple in the warmth of spring season and breezy days was highly brilliant move by the crew. Coming to the cuts made by Nikhil Venu, from the first shot till the last shot the movie had a very good flow.


Costumes – Makeup

Costumes defined Luca and Niharika. Make ups for Ahaana in the initial stages highlighted her grief and after joining Luca, we could see the difference in her eyes.


Scores and Tracks – The soul of Luca

Emotionally intensive scores was placed by Sooraj S Kurup in his 3rd movie after Dulqur Salman starrer “Solo” by Bejoy Nambiar. Each score blended with the scenes and each sequences would stick to our heart. Heart warming tracks done for the movie had its on effect of making Luca a slow poison of Love. Sorrow, Anger, Happiness, Joy and Blissful moments have been highly taken in to the tracks.


Tovino was Luca, and Ahaana was being like Niharika. The film showcased the best ever performances of Ahaana Krishna and the chemistry of Luca – Niharika had a blend. Nithin George and Vinitha Koshy did their part well. Sooraj S Kurup gave a very big surprise specially in the last shots of the movie.

Overall verdict

If you are being loved by someone, if you have loved someone or if you are loving someone then this movie is a must watch.

Verdict: 3.5/5

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