This season Tovino would make Us Fall for Luca

Her wavy hairs, his lovely art, their love, joy, pleasure and romance – this is all about the track “Ore Kannal” from the upcoming Tovino starrer movie Luca. After Theevandi and Mayanadi; Tovino is back with Luca which narrates the love story of Luca, a scrap artist and Niharika, a research scholar and how CI Akbar and his wife Fathima gets influenced by the lusture of Luca’s and Niharika’s love.

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The Track

Name: Ore Kannal
Label: Muzic247
Composer: Sooraj S Kurup
Lyrics: Manu Manjith
Vocals: Nandhagopan, Neethu Naduvathettu, Anju Joseph, Sooraj S Kurup
Track duration: 4 minutes 1 second

The 4 minutes 1 second melody starts with a peppy humming followed by an electronic upbeat and ends with the title of the track “Ore Kannal”. Primarily, when one hears the track, eventually ARR’s “Mental Madil” from Manirathnam’s Dulqur Salman starer movie “O… Kadal Kanmani” would strike in their minds. May be for the first time in Malayalam, Sooraj S Kurup had started the electronic experiment from “Pularkkalam Poole” from the Kunjacko Boban starer “Valeem Thetti, Puleem Thetti….”. Then this trend was still continued by Sushin Shyam in his latest track “Paadathathalle” from Aashiq Abu’s “Virus”.

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Again after “Seetha Kalyanam” from “Solo”, which had received a very big appreciation from both Tamil and Malayalam industry – coming to the very first track of Luca; Kurup had clubbed the harmonies as well as the electronic sections of the song which is very soothing and heartwarming. Neethu Naduvathettu, after “Freek Penne” from “Oru Adaar Love”, was sounding really good. The humming which opens the track, even after the end of the track, loops for a while. Lyrics by Manu Manjith even makes the visuals and the listener zestful.



Kudus to the cinematographer and the art director. Nimish Ravi being a new comer did not show any slip in his frames which was even more highlighted by the Art director Anees Naadodi. Even the Color tones used and the cuts preferred by the editor Nikhil Venu elevated the emotion of love, joy and turns the complete attention towards Luca and Niharika. The chemistry which has never seen on the screens – Ahaana Krishna and TovinoThomas, looks great in this song. And hence the director Arun Bose and his crew develops a trust in the audience about a hidden visual treat which is to be expected at 28th of June at the theaters.

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